How to Fake a Perfect skin.


Hi beauties,
Wanted to share an instant way to fake a perfect looking skin in those days when your skin looks dull  just needs an extra uplift …for that these highlighters & illuminators come very handy.As you know mostly these are used on high points of the face but I found a new way to use them…all over the face…yes all over you heard  it right!!! Now the first thing you will be thinking is that putting it all over my face may be make me look like a disco ball or greasy??? So this depends on the formula you are using and type of illuminator in it.The illuminators in light gives a illusiion of perfect flawless skin.
Before I tell you how to apply choose the right highlighter complimenting your skintone, for that try different ones in warm & cold under skintones…or mix both to see how it goes for you.


Just mix a pea size amount of liquid highlighter in your foundation and apply it all over your face…or  can say 1/4 part of your foundation.To avoid looking like a disco ball choose the highlighter which has fine illuminating particles in it, I personally like the Boots No 7 skin Illuminator in Pink which has silvery pink illuminators.This sets perfectly no oiliness…gives a nice bright fresh glow to the dull skin mixed with foundation…..Very similar to Benefit high beam ♥ Comes with a brush so easy to apply,  works on powder too.
For more intense glow apply tapping it over the foundation only on the higher points brow bone, lips cupid and on the cheeks gives the cheeks lifted look.Blend both blush & highlighter for glowy cheeks.
The second which I love is Revlon Photoready Skinlights in Bare light, its a natural gold  bit silver a combo illuminator works well on warm skintones or when you want a natural skinlike glow …. it just gives a perfect skinlook to skin.As this has more fine illuminating particles so can be worn over the foundation too.I mix 1:1 foundation & this for a natural gold glow.Its gorgeous also when blended with the blush too…perfect for illuminating glowy cheeks.Again no oiliness… perfect!

You can use a powder or stick ones too but for mixing with foundation I prefer the liquid one.Hope you find this helpfull….these all are small tips to just temporarily perfect your skin but the your inner beauty always shine from within ♥


4 thoughts on “How to Fake a Perfect skin.

  1. Impressive tips… thanks for sharing … you have a great blog 👍
    could you tell me what lip color you are using it would be great if you would just mention a list of all items in a particualr look esp when you share a pic ..

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