Hi, let me introduce you to my self so that you can get an idea what my blog is all about… I am Sana…. living in Kuwait, very obsessed with beauty specially makeup and yes this is my blog.

My blog is all about latest beauty launches, makeup, fashion, lifestyle, travel, beauty DIY, style DIY, Entertainment and Style trends for Women in Kuwait plus across the Middle east…….To create and discover come join me.

I would love to work with all kinds of Beauty brands & also with PR representatives. So are you a brand or  PR that’s needs to spread some beauty over SocialMedia? So maybe I can help. Get in touch! Email me at q8mangopeople@gmail.com for any product reviews, giveaways, events, sponsored posts and collaboration, so we can discuss details and hopefully work together

So I hope that you will find my blog an interesting read :)…enjoy.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey I checked sephora at avenues for nars makeup and they said they don’t carry nars. I am here on a visit and really wanted to buy some makeup. Any idea where I can get my hands on nars?

  2. Hi dear,

    Hope all is well. My name is Manar Al HInai, and you posted about me here: wordpress.com/tag/manar-al-hinai/

    I really appreciate it, but could you please remove my picture from the post. It’s the first one, with me wearing an abaya next to a girl in a white head scarf.

    Thank you


  3. Hello, love your blog and the tips. I would like to talk to you about the beauty and skin care products that i can offer to you and your follow. I’m from United States and a representative consultant. If you are interested i can send you more information. The company sale only trough a consultant and i can send them anywhere. I know that for middle eastern girls it is very important, i had the opportunity to live a few years in Saudi Arabia. Thank you, hope you can reply. zuh. My email zuhemyt@hotmail.com

  4. Hi, could you please tell me the dealers available for “Mango Cosmetics” in Kuwait ? Avenues they have a retail shop. Other than that anybody please ?

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