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In this trend report you’ll find nails inspired by the runways and beauty trends of Fall/Winter 2016, a sampling of nail surf ace textures and a special holiday look. The looks are inspired by cuts of clothing like the asymmetrical trend, as well as trends i n makeup like the organic brushy pattern,    and directly inspired by runway textiles like the matte leopard print and optical illusion. I have a thorough look at the trends and colors in nails, makeup, hair, and fashion for the season and choose the ones that will suit a manicure the best. Inside you’ll find a variety of color palettes and designs- something for everyone to enjoy!

– Madeline Poole,

Sally Hansen’s Global Color


Look 4

O P T I C A L   I L L US I O N

If any two tones instantly evoke the shift in the seasons, it’s an autumnal combination of cranberry and orange. The addition of a graphic accent nail brings these classic shades into 2016 while adding a fall-friendly spin on the optical illusions shown at Saint Laurent, Emilio Pucci, and Dior.

Complete Salon Manicure in “Wine Not” and “Peach of cake”

 O R A N G E & WI N E

 Fall means back to work, school, and reality…and who really has time for an intensive ten digit nail art look? Incorporating just one design accent is an accessible way to recreate a big seasonal trend in shades that make sense.

 N A I L   L O O K  H O W- T O ’ S

Step 1.       Paint most nails in two coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Wine Not

Step 2.       Leave one nail blank and paint with two coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Peach of Cake.

Step 3.       Draw skinny lines with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Wine not, vertically down the accent nail

Step 4.       Intersect these lines with a chevron like diagonal.

Step 5.       Then fill in the shapes checkerboard style leaving every other shape peach.


SEPHORA NUIT KAJAL #sephoranuitkajal @sephoramiddleeast


Super Intense, Endlessly Fascinating

Middle East Exclusive Launch


If eyes are the mirrors of the soul of a woman, Kajal is the ultimate accessory to enhance its charming power! Discover the undisputed icon of eye makeup with Made In Sephora’s latest Middle East exclusive beauty creation: the utterly intense and incredibly long-lasting NUIT KAJAL.

A highly pigmented kohl stick designed to create the perfect smudged liner or smoky eyeshadow, Sephora’s dramatic Nuit Kajal comes in 4 mesmerizing shades. Go bold and black with the Sephora Nuit Kajal in Fascinating Black to add drama to your eyes as the night falls. Reminiscent of the blue moonlit night sky, the Sephora Nuit Kajal in Attractive Blue is this season’s essential pop of colour. Go softer on your eyes with a Charming Brown and switch from day to night with ease, or sweep on an Enchanting Beige on your waterline, and brighten up your eyes for a beautiful night out.

The Kajal’s rich creamy texture glides on smoothly and blends easily, providing optimal comfort for all-day wear even within the inner rims of the eyes. Its intense pigment and ingenious design are ideal for creating a smouldering smoky eye or a beautifully bold gaze. What’s more? The Sephora Nuit Kajal is made from all natural organic ingredients, not only making it safe to use, but also protecting the eyes from infections.

Produced exclusively for Sephora Middle East, the Sephora Nuit Kajal will be available across all Sephora Stores in the Middle East from October 2016, prior to worldwide roll out for price  AED 69/ QAR 68/ SAR 70/ BAH 7.1/ KWT 5.50

History of the original Kajal

The KAJAL pencil has been traditionally used in India, Egypt and in the Middle East for decades now, and is one of the oldest types of eyeliners to be used. It was traditionally made from heavy metals, (lead sulphate) however due to the ill-effects of heavy metals, modern kohl pencils are made from ingredients that are non-toxic such as resins, plant extracts and soot. 

The Kajal pencil was also used in North Africa by people of all ages and genders, as it was believed to protect the eyes from infection and desert sun, while also moisturizing and protecting the skin around the eyes. Egyptians, who are believed to have pioneered in making the Kajal, made many other colors except black such as malachite and lapus lazuli.





Tattoo My Heart / bright pinky coral Let’s Stay Together / mid-tone warm pink Resilient Rouge / bright cherry red
Forever, Darling / intense orange red Truly Everlasting / bright warm pink Always & Forever / pinky salmon
It’s Never-Ending! / deep raspberry Can’t Stop Won’t Stop / intense warm orange Last Minute / intense pinky cranberry
Ceaseless Energy / bright raspberry pink Long Distance Relationship / intense mid-tone violet
Constant Craving / mid-tone blue pink Energy Shot / pale nude pink Long Live the Night / pale warm nude
Perpetual Holiday / deep grape purple Preserving Passion / deep wine

AVAILABLE as of MID MAY 2016 in all M•A•C locations,






Our favourite formula is now waterproof. Accentuate eyes with new In Extreme Dimension Waterproof Lash. This powerful mascara gives you dense, daring and dramatic lashes with a new lightweight waterproof formula that feels soft and never clumps. The M·A·C brush design holds more mascara as rows of micro fibers weave in between lashes to separate, define and enhance on a dramatic lash-by-lash level.

AVAILABLE as of MAY 2016 in all M•A•C locations,
FOLLOW US @MACcosmetics @MAC_Vimi_J @MAC_Mariam_K

BECCA now exclusively at @SephoraMiddleEast

The BECCA range will be available across Sephora stores in UAE, Kuwait and Qatar as of 1st June 2016, in Bahrain as of 1st July 2016, and in KSA from 1st October 2016.

Show off your best features with BECCA Cosmetics! The much-awaited cosmetics brand BECCA is finally now available exclusive at Sephora stores in the Middle East. With ‘Perfection Made Personal’ being its philosophy, BECCA Cosmetics offers the ultimate complexion collection that will bring out the features that you love most. Now that its extensive cosmetics line is available exclusive at Sephora stores, you are one step closer to redefining your personal take on flawless beauty!

Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed

AED 174/ QAR 174/ KSA 174/ BAH 18/ KWT 13.5

The secret to the iconic BECCA Glow, This creamy luminizing powder veils the skin in a
soft-pearlized glow. Light-reflecting pearls beautifully catch the light allowing your favorite features to pop! Sweep across face or apply to targeted areas including cheekbones, brow bones and bridge of nose. Apply to your favorite features for a dose of high shine and bold sophistication

Coverage: Sheer

Formula: Powder

Finish: Luminous

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Accentuate the high points of your face with targeted shimmer
  • Liquid hydrators create a smooth, crème-like finish
  • Free of: Parabens
  • Available in 6 shades

Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid

AED 174/ QAR 174/ KSA 174/ BAH 18/ KWT 13.5

A sheer liquid highlighter for subtle, natural luminosity, this product perfects skin with ultra-fine light-reflecting pearls for
a soft glow. Mix with your favorite moisturizer or foundation to
create overall radiance

Coverage: Sheer

Formula: Liquid

Finish: Luminous

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-fine, naturally derived mica particles reflect light
  • Vitamins A, B, D & E: Guard against daily damage
caused by free radicals
  • Available in 5 shades

Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured Crème

AED 188/ QAR 188/ KSA 188/ BAH 19/ KWT 15

A pigment rich crème that imparts a hint of mattified luminosity for a soft, sophisticated glow. Perfect for targeted highlighting or to use as part of the BECCA Lowlight/Highlight technique. This luxurious crème formula is like taking your Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed and combining it
with the original liquid for a sophisticated highlight. The formula features multi-toned, ultra-fine pearls
that adjust to skin’s natural undertones for natural
looking luminosity

Coverage: Sheer

Formula: Crème
Finish: Luminous

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Paraben-free
  • Available in 5 shades

Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème

AED 202/ QAR 202/ KSA 202/ BAH 21/ KWT 16

Full coverage foundation, redefined! Ultimate coverage in a surprisingly weightless, breathable crème; it completely conceals imperfections, redness, hyperpigmentation and uneven texture. Uniquely high concentrations of 21% pure pigments and 22% water allows this undetectable crème to have a completely natural, long-wearing finish. Weightless and oil-free, this foundation addresses all concerns and adapts to all skin types to reveal a smooth, even complexion.

Coverage: Full

Formula: Crème

Finish: Natural

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Transfer resistant with clinically proven 24 hour wear,
it never settles into fine lines or pores for all day complexion perfection
  •  Free of Parabens, alcohol and fragrance
  • Available in 20 shades

Ever-Matte Shine Proof Foundation

AED 193/ QAR 193/ KSA 193/ BAH 20/ KWT 15

This exceptional, creamy foundation perfects the complexion for skin that is matte, but never flat. It controls excess oils and shine while perfecting the skin and creating a smooth, natural finish. The foundation minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines, creating a beautiful soft-focused effect.

Coverage: Medium

Formula: Liquid

Finish: Matte

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Unique formula features micro fine powder that absorbs excess oil so that your complexion remains shine-free all
day long
  • Available in 20 shades

Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation

AED 202/ QAR 202/ KSA 202/ BAH 21/ KWT 16

Real foundation coverage that feels water-light. A high concentration of water hydrates the skin, providing a luxuriously fluid texture for a truly weightless feel. It imparts subtle luminosity that blurs imperfections and creates a soft-focused glow, leaving your skin healthy with natural radiance. Apply 1-2 drops all over face. If additional coverage
is desired, once the first layer is dry, layer 1-2
drops over the top.

Coverage: Light, Buildable

Formula: Liquid

Finish: Luminous

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Unique dropper component allows for precise dose
for application
  • Available in 8 flexible shades

Backlight Priming Filter

AED 174/ QAR 174/ KSA 174/ BAH 18/ KWT 13.5


More than just a primer, this first-of-its-kind whipped fluid acts as an instant filter, creates a smooth canvas, and prolongs the wear of foundation with a luminescent glow. The secret behind the BECCA iconic glow are three Filtering Luminescent Pearls:

  • Backlighting Pearls: Creates ambience by diffusing light, similar to the golden hour in photography (right after sunrise and right before sunset) that adds warmth behind the subject of the picture
  • Filtering Pearls: Provides warmth and radiance to even out skin tone and create a filter of light between your complexion and foundation
  • Afterlighting Pearls: Creates a soft-focus, ethereal glow by shining through your foundation for a radiant finish all day

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Apply before foundation to create a smooth canvas
  • Wear alone to brighten skin with a subtle glow
  • For combination to oily skin, pat Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector on key areas for targeted shine control. Apply Backlight Priming Filter to high points of the face for a subtle lift and glow.

Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector

AED 165/ QAR 165/ KSA 165/ BAH 17/ KWT 13

This targeted oil-control primer addresses the root cause
of why your makeup moves. A unique silicone-free formula specifically targets oil-prone areas and acts as liquid blotting paper to leave your skin fresh and matte. Use alone, before or after foundation to control excess
oil while minimizing the appearance of pores

Coverage: Sheer

Formula: Liquid-Gel

Finish: Matte

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates excess oil for long-lasting matte skin
  • Immediately reduces oiliness and appearance of
pores upon application
  • Free of: Silicone, oil, alcohol and fragrance
  • Clinically proven 12 hour shine control

Ultimate Coverage Concealing Crème

AED 147/ QAR 147/ KSA 147/ BAH 15/ KWT 11

This high performance concealing crème completely
covers dark spots, imperfections, redness and hyperpigmentation. Uniquely lightweight, this full-coverage crème delivers high concentrations of pigments and emollients. It does not settle into fine lines and wrinkles, offering
a smooth, flawless finish. It provides flexible, natural, and comfortable wear
with long-lasting coverage.

Coverage: Full

Formula: Crème

Finish: Natural

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Perfectly complements Under Eye Brightening Corrector
  • Undetectably Full Coverage
for Every Skin Tone
  • Available in 12 diverse shades

Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector

AED 138/ QAR 138/ KSA 138/ BAH 14/ KWT 11

This first of its kind targeted colour corrector comes in 4 unique shades to target a range of skin concerns
and tones – each shade addresses a different concern. It allows you to directly target problem areas, spot treat specific areas, and address multiple concerns.

Using colour theory to neutralize a range of complexion discolorations, light-reflecting pearls create a soft-focused glow to further blur imperfections, evening skin tone. Layer your favorite BECCA foundation or concealer over top for a perfected complexion

Coverage: Full

Formula: Crème

Finish: Luminous

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Pistachio Neutralizes Redness
  • Violet Neutralizes Dullness
  • Peach Neutralizes Dark Circles & Hyperpigmentation
  • Papaya Neutralizes Deep Blues & Greens

Bronzing Skin Perfector

AED 165/ QAR 165/ KSA 165/ BAH 17/ KWT 13

Beautifully backlight your complexion with this innovative air-whipped cream-to- powder formula that adds warmth and luminosity with a soft-focused finish. This versatile formula is infused with crushed pearls to smooth, prime and perfect the complexion, while
infusing radiance. The lustrous, true bronze colour is flattering for all
skin tones and types.

Coverage: Buildable

Formula: Crème/Mousse

Finish: Warm, Luminous Bronze

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Can be worn alone, under or over foundation, and
pairs perfectly with The One Perfecting Brush to
create the perfect glow
  • For darker skin tones, it minimizes dullness and adds
a subtle glow
  • On fair skin tones, it creates a radiant warmth and
even tone
  • Oil free and lightweight

Ever-Matte Blotting Powder Perfector

AED 174/ QAR 174/ KSA 174/ BAH 18/ KWT 13.5

An invisible, oil-absorbing powder that mattifies skin
and sets make-up for a perfected natural appearance. A blend of two different microfine silica beads creates
a non-drying layer that controls shine and sets makeup without altering colour. It is undetectable, weightless and long lasting.

Coverage: Translucent

Formula: Pressed Powder

Finish: Matte

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates the appearance of excess oil for long-lasting matte skin
  • Blend of Silica Beads: Helps absorb oil and diffuses light for a soft focus effect
  • Free of: Oil, Parabens, and fragrance

Lowlight/Highlight Perfecting Powder Pressed

AED 193/ QAR 193/ KSA 193/ BAH 20/ KWT 15

Highlight, contour and add dimension to your face
for a beautifully bold, sculpted look. Lowlight Sculpting Perfector™ Pressed mimics the
colour of a natural shadow to create contour and definition in a highly pigmented powder. Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed Opal brings light
and lift to the face, veiling skin in a soft pearlized glow
with a lustrous velvet finish

Coverage: Highly Pigmented

Formula: Powder

Finish: Matte & Luminous

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight, highly pigmented powder formulas
  • Formula builds and blends easily
  • Add bold light, lift and dimension to any look


BECCA believes that every woman is
an original with her own story. We don’t rework originals. We just turn the lights up, so everyone can bask in their brilliance.

BECCA connects to every woman authentically by offering a range of products designed to define your individual beauty and share your light. The BECCA woman is an individual and no two are exactly alike. Beauty is each woman’s to define.

The Authority on shade in complexion and colour: BECCA was founded upon a range of complexion products for women of all skin tones. Our years of research have made us experts in shade development. Our approach is inclusive and simple. Our shades cover the fairest to the deepest skin tones.

A 50/50 philosophy: Our shade ranges are always balanced, in all our complexion products.

The Pioneers of Highlight: Light is our inspiration and at the very heart of every new product we develop. Light makes us look youthful, blurs our imperfections, sculpts our features, and makes us glow. Light is the essence of beauty. Light is life. We are the experts in light.

#SallyHansen Complete Salon Manicure 6 New Shades


Sally Hansen-CSM shades refreshment-group3-39aed

Warm up your winter style with a stunning spectrum of gel-shine, bright nail polishes in on-trend hues. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure™ offers 7 benefits in 1 bottle, allowing you to skip the salon, your top coat and base coat, without sacrificing the results. Choose from a fashion-forward lineup of 6 new runway-ready, high-impact shades in a range of finishes.

Au Nature-al

Think ‘your nails but better,’ thanks to this barely-there nude with a  hint of peach.

You Glow, Girl!

This embellished gilded tone provides a lit-from-within, metallic moment.

Hat’s Off to Hue

This pale take on periwinkle warrants all the pomp and circumstance.


Endlessly feminine and elegant, this pretty peony pink is darling.

New Flame

This incendiary incarnation of a classic orange-red for 2016 is too hot to handle.

New Suede Shoes

Be electric and soulful with this bright, enticing blue.

Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure polishes feature a base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, color, top coat, chip-resistance, and a glossy gel-shine finish. A flawless finish brush easily executes easy, smooth, streak-free application for a salon-quality manicure that lasts for up to 10 days. These show-stopping shades are available in February 2016.

On Counter: February

Price: 39 AED

Point of Sales: Wojooh, Lifestyle, Carrefour and Spinneys

FOUNDATIONS best for DRY & OILY SKIN by MakeupArtist #SoniaxFyza

Sharing a post related to FOUNDATIONS best for DRY & OILY SKIN by SoniaxFyza

TOP 3 Full to Medium coverage foundations for Dry Skin

1) Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation
The consistency is lovely, I personally love the way it blends and the dewy finish reminds me of a photoshopped beauty shot. It is a gel like consistency so It’s nice to blend onto the skin. The colour range is good, love the tones.

2) Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting foundation
The packaging is SO convenient, It’s one of those foundations that is easy to pack when travelling. The formula and colour range is perfect. I like to use a beauty blender to blend this out. For more coverage you can use your fingers since they are your best tool. Gives a pretty sheen to the skin.

3) Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat
This foundation is an old favourite thats crept up into my future, haha. The scent takes me way back to my college days. It has a nice scent to it, creamy texture, light weight and evens out skin very well. When using this foundation your skin will look luminous and healthy, you can build up the coverage. Lasting power is around 12 hours.

Top 3 Full to Medium coverage foundations for Oily Skin

1) Makeup Forever Ultra HD
This is a foundation I have had in my kit for years since majority of my clients have oily to combination skin. The new formula is brilliant, It’s been specifically designed for photo’s and videos. Who doesn’t want photoshopped looking skin in their selfies?! The lasting power on this is probably one of the best things, It doesn’t oxidise and works well with either a brush or beauty blender. Oily skin girls best friend but always bare in mind that it also depends on the primer you are using. Try using more of a gel primer with this instead of a liquid one.

2) Estee Lauder Double wear foundation
I’ve always called this foundation the tattoo foundation, It’s been around for so long and I remember a lot of the women in my family using it. Absorbs all the oil well without giving the chalky look to the skin. Coverage is wonderful and It’s best used with a Beauty Blender for a flawless finish. Dries matte. The cons of this would probably be that it dries darker like a lot of matte foundations so be sure to pick up some samples before purchasing. Also the glass bottle is a classic but I personally think they should make it more modern and convenient for travel.

3) Clinique Pore Refining Solution Instant foundation

Another foundation I am familiar with while growing up because a lot of the women in my family have oily skin. I would always see this bottle in makeup bags around the house. It gives an even, matte finish that minimises the look of pores. You probably will only need to do a light dusting of powder as it has good staying power. All this depends on how oily you get and the climate you are in. primers are essential with oily skin. Only wish they had more in between shades.

Sheer coverage foundations for Dry skin

1) NARS Sheer Glow
A popular choice, as it gives a nice glow and “no makeup, makeup” finish. It comes in a range of colours and many people have tried and tested this. The only problem I find with this is that it does tends to separate, I find this with a lot of Nars foundations. As long as you prep your skin well first and set your foundation this is a good choice for dry skin.

2) MAC face and body foundation
My fave Mac foundation that is a must have for all makeup artists for their kits. I love the formula and consistency of this, It’s a classic one from Mac and you can’t go wrong with it. It a great foundation to mix with your full coverage foundations if you want more of a sheer coverage. It’s more to even skin out but is build-able. Use with a flat top brush and set with loose powder. Colour range works differently to regular MAC shades so ask for a few samples to try.

3) Laura Mercier Cream Smooth foundation
Hydrating and creamy. If you suffer from dry or very dry skin this is a good choice, it keeps skin plump and smooth. Makes fine lines and wrinkles appear smoother. I would recommend this for mature women. I like to apply this with fingers because the warmth of our hands helps the product sink in better and gives a glowy finish.

Sheer coverage foundations for Oily skin

1) Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundation
You either like this or love it. I love this for every day! The colours are good and the finish is matte and sheer. It doesn’t cover pimples but evens skin complexion out. It comes in a glass bottle that is double glazed which I’m not to keen on because this means there’s less product so it gives the illusion of more product because the bottle looks thicker. The pump is useful and I like the texture and how it glides on. I would recommend using a synthetic brush to apply this foundation using circular motions. I set this with a pressed powder.

2) L’oreal Nude Magique foundation
Liquid foundation, very watery, sheer and dries matte. Glass bottle, inexpensive, little goes a long way. This foundation feels like nothing on the skin, feather light and I feel like I could breathe. Shake bottle before using and apply with fingers. You can build up the coverage but it’s a great every day foundation for work or school. One of my fave drug store brands.

3) Hour Glass Immaculate Liquid To Powder Foundation
I love this brand and it’s packaging. Liquid to matte foundations are a god send for oily skin! This foundation feels light which is what a lot of us want for day time. The only thing we need to remember about these is that they oxidise, so testing them out a couple of times before purchasing is always best. Gives natural coverage, doesn’t give a cakey finish and has long staying power. It contains ingredients that prevent breakouts which a lot of us oily skin girls suffer from. Best to mix it with a tinted moisturiser for day time!

We hope this was a good read for you!

Fyza x
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Exclusive Opportunity To Become A Global Rimmel Ambassador



To register click here:

Use Hashtag #LondonLookME


The winner of the 1st PRIZE will be rewarded with:
– A trip to London
– Meeting Rita Ora
– Working with Rimmel London experts
– Filming a tutorial in YouTube space in London


The winner of the 2nd PRIZE will be rewarded with:

–       a year’s worth of Rimmel products


Calling all make-up artists, bloggers and vloggers! Rimmel London wants to discover your coolest, most cutting-edge #LondonLook for a chance to be the next big name in beauty.


The fashion-forward make-up brand is launching a global search to find the freshest new faces in beauty vlogging: The London Look International Contest With Rita Ora.

Hosted by celebrated singer-songwriter and Rimmel ambassador Rita Ora, this worldwide hunt is set to unearth amazing beauty talents and help propel them to stardom.

The most exciting and gifted could find far-reaching fame as a Rimmel online advocate, taking the London Look to every corner of the earth.


From 21st December 2015, Rimmel London is inviting make-up addicts everywhere to reveal their vibrant personalities and make-up skills by creating their own London Look via video or picture. Entrants could win a once-in-a-lifetime experience – the opportunity to jet to London to meet Rita Ora

and work with her team of Rimmel London experts in the YouTube Space, a state-of-the-art video production studio.

Winners will use the latest YouTube technology to film the ultimate beauty tutorial.

And if they impress Rimmel, they could become a global Rimmel ambassador, continually creating new online content for the brand. Celebrity status beckons!



Entering is simple: create your best London-inspired make-up look and upload your video or picture on, or follow Rimmel and tag your entry #LONDONLOOK on Instagram and Twitter.

Experience in creating videos, pictures or vlogs isn’t necessary, the judges are looking for original ideas, style and attitude.


Rimmel’s Top Tips For Creating The Perfect Entry

Mix It Up: Look at what’s been done before, try to be different and stand out from the crowd.

Have An Idea: Phone box red lip? London eyes? Create a fun theme and title to help viewers understand your #LondonLook.

Set The Stage: Find the perfect backdrop with everything you need at hand.

Lighting: Make sure your face is well lit so it’s easy to see the details of your make-up creation.

Product: Let viewers know which Rimmel London products you are using so they try the look themselves.

Attitude: Be as descriptive as you can and show-off your fun side.

Edit: Cut out any mistakes or boring bits to make your video entry flow more smoothly.


The London Look International Contest With Rita Ora is open from 21st December 2015 until 22nd January 2016.

For entry details and contest rules, log onto website or using the#LondonLookME.


Review: Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer


Hi Beauties,

Had been testing out this Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer for a couple of weeks and I’m not dissapointed i must say…this is my first Clinique foundation and I have had heard quite good about them so was so excited for this.It says,

Wishing For a Flawless Face? Just Wave Your Magic Wand…New Clinique’s New 2-in-1 Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer  for skin that’s beyond flawless and lasts all day. A 2-in-1 liquid foundation and concealer, promising full coverage without the weight. Every time. Complexion perfection.Smooth on as a foundation or spot- apply like a concealer. This formula covers everything, yet feels like nothing. Full coverage, yet lightweight. And it won’t disappear all day long. 12 hours wear.”

Had been using this for now more than two weeks continuously which means i m lovin it my skin is liking it… its light not too dewy and not too matte, a very buildable coverage which last quite long…the wand thing is genius as i always dream’t of it my foundation as it takes care of all the blemishes and places to be covered….foundation plus a concealer so perfect to be carried around.I have it in 11 honey ( Mac NC30) a perfect match for me and is available in 12 wearable shades.

Available at Cinique Counters in Debenhams, Vavavoom & Sephora Kuwait.