Fall lipstick edit!


Hi beauties,
    As fall is in full bloom so thought why not share my favourite lipsticks which I am reaching for these days.As I think during fall & winter three makeup basics I mostly need to go out of the door a bb cream, a lipstick which I use as a blush too and mascara…done.Before I tell you my faves what would like to tell you what I look in a fall lipstick , deep color,moisturising texture as get chappy lips fast and also durability.
So grab your cup of tea and checkout my picks.

   Bought the Rimmel moisture lipstick in Dark Kiss water l-oop a week ago and so so loving the color its a deep purple color.I bought the red one before which is Rimmel Mayfair Lady a month ago which is pretty vibrant red color.As the lipsticks are very creamy , moisturising and gives glossy finish…very very pigmented and longlasting as the color fades but leaves a natural looking stain.I was saving the red for the cold days but I think now is the perfect time to wear these here . Gorgeous colors but the perfumy scent is not my thing that bugs me a bit which fades later on.Any way its so pretty that cannot resist wearing them 😉

This is a lipcrayon by Revlon my shade is in Coy Timide 140 , a pretty chocolaty brown, shiny glossy with teeny tiny glitter particles and also has a light menthol scent to it.I like this for anywhere out, its stains lips and is a kind of lippie for which you dont need mirror to apply just take it and rub on your lips a beautiful glossy polished lips…ting.

   I am so obsessed with these lipcream lippies its a real revolution in lipsticks I must say…not to mention Bourjois velvet lips are my fav….they are pigmented , so comfortable and  so so long lasting dont have to reapply best for long hours and the color looks absolutely perfect after hours too so wanted to add these to my fall lipticks when we will be out camping , chilling beside the beach & having long coffee stops.
From Sephora my fav is the Sephora Rouge Cream lipstain in 03 which is a bright reddish pink color  and 09 from the Sephora Outrageous Rouge liquid lipstick which is a deep maroon color both are just perfect , look so pretty on lips… brightens up the whole complexion.
    The Sephora lipcream sets to matte, very comfortable not settling in lines very very pretty finish but the Sephora Outrageous Rouge liquid lipstick is bit different it sets to a matte to glossy finish…very pigmented and bit sticky if you smack and transfers too a bit but still very comfortable…color is very bold & long lasting.

MAC Favs
Now from Mac which are my all time favourites , mostly are from the limited editions released this year  which I think are best to wear now and one from the permanent line.
MAC Twig  ( Permant line )
  A sophisticated muted chocolate brown , matte  finish lipstick but not drying.This my go to lipstick very long lasting and elegant.
  A very close color it Mac twig but in warmer undertones, matte finish and my fav among the browns.
Primrose (Proenza Schouler collection)
  A  deep muted purple color which just looks so cool on lips, in tube its very dark but goes on lips very sheer….the color is buildable. Has a semi matte finish.
Enchanted one ( Mac Aquatic Allurring collection)
     A matte, midtone neutral pink.  On lips, it appears as a muted rosy nude color with a matte finish.  Pretty impressive for a nudey lipstick.  It is a non drying and non hydrating formula.  It got excellent texture, doesn’t drag when applied straight from the tube and never turns patchy throughout the course of its wear. Very opaque a single layer is enough to show up over lips.
MAC patent polish lippencil in Ruby ( Mac Sharon Osbourne Collection )
A beautiful rosy deep muted pink color lip crayon…sheer & moisturising formula one more go to lippie.

Hope you loved the post as much I did because lipstick is my favourite part of the makeup ….what are your faves?


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