Events : Celebrating 80 Years of the Lacoste at Avenues Mall Kuwait

Yesterday I was invited by Habchi & Chalhoub group to attend the 80th birthday of Lacoste at The Lacoste Boutique, Avenues Mall Kuwait.All the social media was invited. The event took place at the Lacoste Boutique is located in the Prestige  at Avenues Mall.  Had such a fun with fellow bloggers, as this was my first event so was quite excited. Met such gorgeous and sweet ladies there, had such a fun time.

The boutique was nice colorful and fresh,  very well organized. Went through their latest Winter Autumn Collection too which was really sporty, modern, stylish and very practical specially for the sporty people. They had a nice selection of T-shirts and some interesting alligator logo  twists to make it more fun.

The event was just fabulous, they arranged a music with DJ , Fachuon treats and refreshments for the guests. Everyone  who attended the event were looking trendy and fresh. At the end we had such a fun signing the alligator board which was full of best wishes for Lacoste. So on the whole had a nice fun filled evening will leave you with the pictures to enjoy 🙂

Just found their video for you to enjoy their evolution in the 80 years, take a look.


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