Elemis Pro Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment: Best Tightning Eye Serum

Picture : Internet

As you’re probably already aware that as you cross 25 your crow feet around the eyes get more prominent. I consider myself pretty lucky to not be showing any signs of ageing around my eyes yet thank you to my Asian genes maybe, well no crows feet yet at least.
Although, I’m not sure it’s all down to luck or whether it’s because I’ve been using a separate eye care treatment.
I originally got the Elemis Pro-Collagen eye serum, intending to ‘step up’ my eye care regime. Now I’m no longer in my Twenties, it’s only a matter of time before the onset of fine lines around the eye area catches up me.
Elemis Pro Collagen Advance Treatment being a light weight serum, it’s designed helps smooth and firm, targeting fine lines and wrinkles, for a more youthful appearance.. Anyone familiar with the Elemis brand will be knowing this. I love the glass bottle and dropper design, this has the all important bathroom shelf appeal. The product is a rather thin and runny liquid. The instructions say to use 2 drops around the eye contour. The dropper is very easy to use and perfectly dispenses the correct amount. Once applied as it is so runny the eye area looks wet, I give it a few moments to give it time to disappear before applying my makeup.
The Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment is designed to smooth and firm the eye area. Targeting fine lines to give a more youthful appearance. It contains active ingredients of padina pavonica (brown algae) and blue flower linseed. As well as a blend of amino acids to provide moisturisation and protection to the deeper layers of skin. Yet lightweight so not to overload the delicate tissue.

Here in Kuwait its available at Harvey Nicholas at The Grand Avenues or you can order here,. Anyone else using this? Want to share there feelings about this product?


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