MASK MANIA-Available now at #SephoraMiddleEast




MASK MANIA-Available now at Sephora Middle East

 Pampering treatments

First beauty step? Pamper your weakened/assaulted/over-made up/still too exposed skin. Taken from highly specialized Korean beauty rituals, the Made In Sephora inspiration releases novelty treatments: a Konjac sponge to clean and purify skin without irritating, three glove masks to take care of over-worked hands and two lip masks for the mouth and contours under close protection.


Hand masks

Inspired by Asian beauty rituals, Made In Sephora hand masks offer a convenient and effective solution for every need. Easy:

  1. Put gloves on hands that have been previously cleaned and dried.
  2. Remove the paper film from the tab, wrap around the wrist and then glue to secure the glove.
  3. Leave on for 15 minutes. After being allowed to set, make sure the excess is absorbed by light massaging movements if necessary. No need to rinse.


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Aloe Vera Hand Mask – Ultra-moisturizing & Beautifying

AED 20/ QAR 20/ KSA 20/ BAH 2.1/ KWT 1.55

 Oh, your hands! Easy, fast and convenient to use, this pair of gloves enriched with Aloe Vera extract delivers its active ingredients for 15 minutes… Once done, skin is hydrated, cuticles are softened and hands are more beautiful than ever. Amen to that!

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Avocado Hand Mask – Nourishing & Repairing

AED 20/ QAR 20/ KSA 20/ BAH 2.1/ KWT 1.55

 For fragile hands – Nourishing and repairing, this mask relieves dry hands that have been weakened. No more pain! And its formula with natural avocado extract, nestled in a pair of soaked gloves allows -because it doesn’t run- to treat hands while still remaining on the move. This is truly well-designed.


 unnamed (3)

Argan Hand Mask – Anti-aging & Evenness

AED 20/ QAR 20/ KSA 20/ BAH 2.1/ KWT 1.55

 Targeted efficiency – Anti-aging, evening out of the skin, argan oil – in the gloves that have been soaked with these new masks- promises, after fifteen minutes of recommended regular use, to mitigate signs of aging so that hands look younger…



Lip Masks

When the trend of masks from Asia sweeps the lips, it provides care for lips and their contouring in mobile formats that are practical and easy to apply!

  1. Remove the transparent protective sheet.
  2. Position the mask on the lips and let it stand for 15 minutes.
  3. Finally, remove the mask, and the excess is absorbed by light massaging motions. No need to rinse.

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Rose Lip mask – Moisturizing & Softening

AED 12/ QAR 12/ KSA 12/ BAH 1.2/ KWT 0.93

 Advanced mask- A new beauty step to adopt? The lip mask. This mask has rose extract and, once established, it helps soften and moisturize the ultra-sensitive area, which is too often forgotten. How often? 15 minutes, twice a week.


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Shea Lip mask – Protecting & Repairing

AED 10/ QAR 10/ KSA 10/ BAH 1.0/ KWT 0.78

 On my lips … Put the mask on the lips, wait 15 minutes (the time to let the nourishing ingredients be activated), gently remove, absorb excess by light massaging motions and behold the results… The mouth – and its contours – are nourished, repaired, softer and protected…

 unnamed (6)


Face Konjac purifying sponge

AED 49/ QAR 49/ KSA 50/ BAH 5.0/ KWT 3.80



Pass the sponge, please! The latest Made In Sephora recruit: this new purifying Konjac sponge is 100% natural and contains bamboo charcoal extract. Its mission? To clean pores and exfoliate the skin gently… without pulling, aggression or any sense of discomfort. Nothing can resist it, not dead skin cells, makeup or even excess sebum. Smooth, matte, softened, skin -from combination to oily skin types- well thank you!

 unnamed (7)

Face Self-tanning Wipes

AED 65/ QAR 64/ KSA 66/ BAH 6.7/ KWT 5

 Tanning takeaway – Want to brighten up a dull complexion? Better than a magic wand, sublime self-tanning wipes… Suddenly, from just one wipe, (and from first use) their formula, enriched with DHA sunless tanning and moisturizing glycerin, naturally gives a sunny glow to the face, neck and décolleté area. No streaking, its result is even, luminous and without marks. The best part? The traveling format is not only practical as it slides into your bag, it is easy to apply. Perfect to quickly brighten pale complexions…

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