Event : Marks & Spencer introduces Spring’15 Collection




A few weeks ago got a chance to attend Mark & Spencer Spring’15 Collection showcasing event where they were celebrating the first glorious days of the spring season, Marks & Spencer previewed it’s vibrant and flattering Spring 2015 collection at an in-store fashion event attended by the region’s stylish including blooming bloggers at The View, Salmiya. The new womenswear and menswear collection presented at the event reinterprets the international runway trends into stylish wearable ensembles for both work and play, available in impeccable quality at great prices.


It Says ,”Luxurious in its simplicity, the womenswear collection is a celebration of the sleek and elegant. Contemporary shapes, effortless styling and clean lines are punctuated by desirable prints like oriental florals, abstract graphics, flirty polka-dots and nautical stripes. Colour is given a seasonal overhaul as the redefined neutrals- warm tans, textured blues and a spectrum of pinks creates the tone of the landscape.”

Below are the trends that define the mood of this edited flattering collection:

70’S SUMMER OF LOVE:  Hippy style goes haute this season with free-spirited prints and relaxed tailoring for a light-touch take on 1970s style. Relaxed vibe is evident with crochet details, floral prints and wide-legged jeans, simply embodying the spirit of the era.

MODERN ROMANCE: A romantic narrative veers from the dramatic to the flirtatious; as heavy lace meets peek-a-boo sheers, in a vivid feminine collision. Pastel pinks, white and red are featured in its standout pieces including the elegant fashion-forward pink limited edition skirt.

INTO THE BLUE:  Denim emerges as a trend in its own right, creating a new depth to the casual and updating the tailored.  Look out for fresh ideas, from cool jumpsuits to denim dresses – it’s time to embrace the blues.


ORIENT: An eastern sensibility informs this modern silhouette, as ornamental prints and sculptured separates are elegantly constructed for an exotic appeal.


STRIPES: The classic print gets a cheery makeover in refreshingly vibrant hues.  There’s nothing uniform about them either, as the modern effect is created with variable depth and width.





The menswear collection is a contemporary combination of formal and casual pieces styled together to create a relaxed, understated look for the season. Casualwear smartens up with modern interpretations on classic pieces, with the focus on clean lines, fine summer fabrics and masculine iconic styles, worn in a new tonal colour palette.


Key menswear items have been updated, with lighter summer weight deconstructed formal jackets and classic macs with design details such as an asymmetric fastening. Clean, simple t-shirts and light weight bombers are styled with coloured footwear to create this new look for the season. Blue is the key colour reference for spring’15 in both formalwear and casualwear, ranging from intense navy and midnight blues to paler denim and chambray tones. Denim jeans are available in improved fits, a full range of denim washes, new finishes and worn techniques, working with the most casual day looks as well as more formal outfits.This new season embrace the effortless sophistication and defining quality with Marks & Spencer.

Personally I loved the collection and the idea of fashion show( if you want to see the M&S fashion show clips check them on my Intagram account @Q8mangopeople) It was bright ,bold and very modern….clean cuts, every piece was impressive…I prefer the MS store at View is just so so vast & spacious, if you were be looking for any of the pieces do visit there.



The collection is now available in Marks & Spencer Kuwait stores at The View Salmiya, The Avenues Mall and 360 Mall.

Note: Some items may not be available in certain stores.For more information, please visit www.marksandspencer.ae



Kuwait:Mikyajy Perfume oils

  Came across this different and colorful perfumes by Mikyajy aren’t they adorable just fallen in love after seeing them.The sense of smell can unleash powerful emotions – that is beyond doubt and we girls just love beautiful smells. Scents just can change your mood even personality I think and no doubt these are gonna be summerry, have anyone tried these!……..Mikyajy Says,Whether you’re feeling happy, calm or like one with nature, the new Color of Scent range has 21 perfume oils to suit your mood.So on coming weekend going to have my hands on these ;).Check there Site and Facebook Fan  page for more details happy shopping ♥

الأزرق: البرودة والهدوء تدلان على اللون الازرق في كل شيء. تشكيلة نقية واضحة من ازهار الفواكه والأزهار المائية.

• Blue:  Coolness and tranquility are what the color blue is all about. The clean and pure collection has floral fruity and floral aquatic variants. (07, 08, 09)

5.900 OMR/BHD
4.500 KWD

 الأخضر: يذكرنا بالنضارة والطبيعة والشباب، تنقسم التشكيلة الى الازهار الخضراء والفواكه

(04،05،06) Green: Reminding us of freshness, nature and youth, Mikyajy’s Green collection is divided into chypre fruity and floral green. (04,05,06)

(59 SAR/AED/QTR 5.900 OMR/BHD 4.500 KWD

 البرتقالي: فواكه حلوة، ظلال دافئة عندما نصل الى اللون البرتقالي يمنحك طاقة أزهار الفواكه. ( 19،20،21)
Orange: Fruity and sweet, the warm shade of orange arrives in an energetic floral fruity variant (19, 20, 21)

59 SAR/AED/QTR 5.900 OMR/BHD 4.500 KWD

الوردي: رقة ورومانسية اول ما يتبادر للأذهان عند الحديث عن هذا اللون. تشكيلة مكياجي الناعمة للعطور تتميز بانوثتها الممتزجة بأزهار الياسيمن وأزهار التوابل. (13،14،15)
Pink: Tenderness and romance are what come to mind when talking about the color Pink. Mikyajy’s soft Pink collection contains two soft and feminine variants namely floral Jasmine and floral spicy. (13, 14, 15)
5.900 OMR/BHD
4.500 KWD
البنفسجي: لون غني غامض وفخم تشكيلة بنفسجية غنية بالفانيلا والعطور الشرقية والاخشاب الشرقية وأزهارها. (10،11، 12
Purple: The mysteriously rich and luxurious purple collection honors the extravagance of the Orient with its Oriental Vanilla, Oriental Woody and floral Oriental variants. (10,11,12)
5.900 OMR/BHD
4.500 KWD
الأحمر: جريء وعزيز يصل الاحمر الى الشغف والعاطفة، متفرد من الاخشاب الشرقية والازهار الشرقية وازهار الاخشاب.
Red: Bold and daring red arrives with three passion-filled variants, namely Oriental Woody, Floral Oriental and Floral Woody. (16, 17, 18)
5.900 OMR/BHD
4.500 KWD
الاصفر: لون ذو بريق مميز يدل على السعادة والتفائل والفرح، تشكيلة مكياجي الصفراء من ازهار الفواكه والروائح الحمضية.
Yellow: A sparkling color that usually denotes happiness, optimism and joy, Mikyajy’s Yellow collection includes the floral fruity and citrus aromatic variants. (01,02,03)
5.900 OMR/BHD
4.500 KWD