Summer Lov’in 15 : Skincare


Hi Beauties,

  This summer had been experimenting with loads of stuff, as was travelling too so got introduced to some new skincare stuff too I think I will be doing this Summer Lov’in 15 tag with all the products like skincare , makeup, polishes perfumes showing the stuff  I had been loving this summer…

I have a combination acne prone skin which breaks out very fast if anything doesn’t go well with me, so have to be very cautious in picking a daily skincare routine! I ‘m a lazy person cannot stick to things I mostly like to change or just skip in a while mostly just leave things in the middle but this time I have been good and using my daily skincare regularly to keep things a bit on point this summer 😉 And these was the things which I have been reaching for everyday as these are keeping my skin balanced.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore & Shine Face Wash : Starting with the face wash so I’m currently loving this  pore & shine face wash, smells fresh, lathers good & balanced my skin oils…a good pickup for the morning.

Clinique Acne Solutions Calrifying Lotion :  The holy grail product for me a clarifying lotion ..a toner which I use after washing my face, helps keeping all the breakouts on the bay. Actually when I was travelling my skin was very unbalanced …excess of oil, white heads and few breakouts …was very annoyed and at Sephora I picked this as already I had tried this and it worked…my skin got balanced and the breakouts were calm. But I would like to tell that this is very strong , drys and stings a bit  so try in store if you have a sensitive skin.

Ole Henriksen 3 little wonders mini collection: Bought this from Sephora during my trip to Vegas…as I was looking for something travel friendly so picked this. ..quite liking it my skin feels good! It’s the Ole Henriksen 3 little wonders mini collection which consists of

Truth serum Collagen Booster 5 source bit C complex which brightens, supports healthy collagen & antioxidant  protection….smells like oranges and can say a light serum absorbs well leaving a sheen on skin. I use this at night and I was amazed  with it that in the morning I have bright looking skin from the first use.

Invigorating Night Gel 12 source AHA complex gives smooth texture minimize pores & even outs skin tone…nice gel which hydrates. I use it after the serum and feel it gives the right hydration to my face which it needs.

 Sheer Transformation which hydrates & nourishes, diminishes dark spots and also gives protection against free radicals…and daytime moisturizer which I liked not heavy can be worn under makeup.

I mostly use these at night except the sheer transformation which I use in day and I ‘m seeing results …don’t go on the size it was enough for me to last a month …thinking of getting full size.

Ponds Flawless White ultra luminous serum : I like serums more than creams as they feel a bit heavy on my skin specially in summer. .one more serum I’m liking is this..helped me fade some breakout scars, absorbs well & feels light on skin.. took this with me also from here.

Loreal Extraordinary Facial Oil :Yes this…talked about this so much on my insta page before too….just love it  it’s looks like oil but absorbs like serum..moisturises & also locks the moisture in the skin ..a blend of precious oils like Rosemary ( antibacterial), Rose (tone improvement), Lavender & lavadin (promotes collage), Roman Chamomile (soothing), Germanium( soothing), Orange peel( collagen protection) and Marjoram( antibacterial)… I say it “good skin” in a bottle……smells so relaxing even my hubby got addicted to this . Best for fresh plumpy looking skin, mostly using it at night as its so relaxing or whenever I’m not going out.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen Spf 55: Again a Neutrogena product which is a repurchase too..yes its soooo amazing super matt  no stickiness or white film on skin best everyday sunscreen….highly recommended!

So these are the products I ‘m loving this summer… did you try any new product which you are loving do share yours too maybe I like to try!



Hi Beauties,

As winter is here …ahh loving the fresh cool breeze with the sunshine……what could be more blissfull here in middleeast than this…never want this winter to end.Winter here in middleast means lots of going out in daytime to enjoy the sunshine and cool breeze so I was looking for sunscreen which could help me in this weather. As winter  dries out a bit skin and I was looking for a moisturizer plus sunscreen which wouldn’t feel heavy on skin but protects. Honestly I hate sunscreen and any product which has it, as it leaves a white casting on my face and also it just breaks me out, so always so try to avoid it…..I know after reading this some of you must be yelling SPF is must  my skin will get …..but still I try to wear it but hate it 😉 I feel to wash it off instantly I apply and the smell eww…..

Still I keep giving a try to sunscreen products to see how my skin feels under it, so got this NEUTROGENA ULTRA SHEER DRY-TOUCH SUNBLOCK SPF 55…..I have tried the Neutrogena washes which I love so surely wanted to try this too.

The sunscreen is a moisturizer plus sunscreen so no lots of layering…the cream comes out thick not gooey thick but thick. I started with a small drop to see how my skin reacts to it, on applying first it feels heavy, sticky and as the cream warms up just spreads very easily and amazingly the skin feels dry with no stickiness….all absorbed…..I was looking for something like this was the hell fed with the sticky sunscreens which afterwards break me out like crazy.I liked the feel after applying it not sooo heavy, most importantly I din’t breakout …It has a pleasant smell, nothing overbearing. Overall after trying this I have changed my opinion about sunscreens. Will do recommend to those who hate sunscreens like me…..after all we must protect our skin.

Products Review : Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Scrub

N face scrub

Hi Beauties,

As I love doing makeup so I understand how its necessary to remove and purify your skin everyday.Not only  due to  makeup but my skin also goes dull due to the layer of dead cells over it so I am always on a quest to get a product which cleans thoroughly plus deeply…..otherwise all you girlies there are aware of the skin going crazy due to clog pores ending up in redness, white heads blacks heads…bla bla…so to all these problems I summed out a solution a good Scrub, yes a scrub because it not only remove the dead cell layer but also sinks in to unclog the pores…… I think investing in a good scrub is the answer to a clear healthy skin as I know this…..nothing is worth it . So keeping this in mind got Neutrogena Pink grapefruit scrub, I am very much liking the pinkegrapefruit line by Neutrogena as I used the face wash from it which was also soo good you can read about it here.

 The scrub comes in a pink sheer tube as you can see the scrub inside, its nice thick gel kinda product. It has tiny… very tiny micro beads in it which do there job very well, has a nice grapefruit scent to it perfect to give you the early morning perk or just freshen you up any time of the day…. Its very lathering and beads are perfect for scrubbing not irritating for me or if you have any issue  you can use it once a week and rub light handedly don’t just damage it by over scrubbing or going hard on it ….but scrubbing is a must… not as it only cleanses the dead cells buildup but also the salicylic acid sinks  in deeply helping in cleaning and unclogging pores….so no under skin bumps.

  What I do I just damp my face and with light hands scrub it in circular motions, I do this for 2 or 3 mins. and wash it off.After washing my face I  feel it really clean…. squeaky clean, takes away all the dead skin giving nice glowy face and saving a lot of time…. don’t have to do a process to get a glow.Just  scrub and apply your fav moisturizer and get nice clean glowy face…keeping all the skin problems on the bay because prevention is better than cure.

 I am totally sticking to it, you do try and tell me how did you find it.

Product Review : Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser & Neutrogena visibly clear 2-in-1


Hi Beauties,

The weather is also on a change sometimes humid hot and sometimes nice cool here in Kuwait.With this change of weather my skin probably not only mine all of us you may agree goes through changes showing its own change… I using too much change 😉 jokes apart….. but my skin totally shows the ‘Change’ again 😀 .So to maintain its equilibrium i got introduced to the  new  Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit facial cleanser and  Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 wash+Mask i am using these both and really impressed my skin is quiet behaving less oil and open pores.Also less white heads which don’t bother to come up grrrh…..but i feel my skin is liking these two goodies as no breakouts 😉

The Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit facial cleanser is nice grapefruity smelling, mild, very lathering honestly leaves the skin completely clean, also not drying.Comes in a pump bottle, I use one pump for no makeup days works good and with makeup two pumps goes enough and believe me takes my all makeup off easily.Nice cleanser for  my skin as i have combination skin, found it very balancing. Best for daily cleansing, as it  contains vitamin C which just brightens the complexion and also  salicylic acid to keep your skin clear.

Ok now coming on the Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 wash + mask  i love this wash as it is mask and wash a multipurpose product. It has nice thick pasty texture with a mild scent, lathering ,can be used as a wash for everyday but  every once or twice  week i just apply a thin layer on my face and leave it on like a clay mask. Initially its sticky but dries without flaking and the stickiness goes as it dries..this takes like 10 to 15 minutes.After it dries I wash it off and my skin looks so fresh and clean pores minimized and skin very hydrated.Sometimes I just take a warm towel and spread it on my face and take the mask off with it with gently rubbing it off, it comes off very easily as it is a wash, without any mess and skin looks so glowy in minutes . I like it much because it gives deep pore cleanse also, as the mask takes away all the impurities on and from inside the pores leaving the skin healthy and blemish free double clear skin as it says…..  Can say a total salon facial at home, even my some stubborn white heads have diminished keeping the breakouts on the bay.. now its a must in my daily routine.

Its easily available in markets so do try i totally recommend it….. a thumbs up products ❤