Summer Lov’in 15 : Skincare


Hi Beauties,

  This summer had been experimenting with loads of stuff, as was travelling too so got introduced to some new skincare stuff too I think I will be doing this Summer Lov’in 15 tag with all the products like skincare , makeup, polishes perfumes showing the stuff  I had been loving this summer…

I have a combination acne prone skin which breaks out very fast if anything doesn’t go well with me, so have to be very cautious in picking a daily skincare routine! I ‘m a lazy person cannot stick to things I mostly like to change or just skip in a while mostly just leave things in the middle but this time I have been good and using my daily skincare regularly to keep things a bit on point this summer 😉 And these was the things which I have been reaching for everyday as these are keeping my skin balanced.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore & Shine Face Wash : Starting with the face wash so I’m currently loving this  pore & shine face wash, smells fresh, lathers good & balanced my skin oils…a good pickup for the morning.

Clinique Acne Solutions Calrifying Lotion :  The holy grail product for me a clarifying lotion ..a toner which I use after washing my face, helps keeping all the breakouts on the bay. Actually when I was travelling my skin was very unbalanced …excess of oil, white heads and few breakouts …was very annoyed and at Sephora I picked this as already I had tried this and it worked…my skin got balanced and the breakouts were calm. But I would like to tell that this is very strong , drys and stings a bit  so try in store if you have a sensitive skin.

Ole Henriksen 3 little wonders mini collection: Bought this from Sephora during my trip to Vegas…as I was looking for something travel friendly so picked this. ..quite liking it my skin feels good! It’s the Ole Henriksen 3 little wonders mini collection which consists of

Truth serum Collagen Booster 5 source bit C complex which brightens, supports healthy collagen & antioxidant  protection….smells like oranges and can say a light serum absorbs well leaving a sheen on skin. I use this at night and I was amazed  with it that in the morning I have bright looking skin from the first use.

Invigorating Night Gel 12 source AHA complex gives smooth texture minimize pores & even outs skin tone…nice gel which hydrates. I use it after the serum and feel it gives the right hydration to my face which it needs.

 Sheer Transformation which hydrates & nourishes, diminishes dark spots and also gives protection against free radicals…and daytime moisturizer which I liked not heavy can be worn under makeup.

I mostly use these at night except the sheer transformation which I use in day and I ‘m seeing results …don’t go on the size it was enough for me to last a month …thinking of getting full size.

Ponds Flawless White ultra luminous serum : I like serums more than creams as they feel a bit heavy on my skin specially in summer. .one more serum I’m liking is this..helped me fade some breakout scars, absorbs well & feels light on skin.. took this with me also from here.

Loreal Extraordinary Facial Oil :Yes this…talked about this so much on my insta page before too….just love it  it’s looks like oil but absorbs like serum..moisturises & also locks the moisture in the skin ..a blend of precious oils like Rosemary ( antibacterial), Rose (tone improvement), Lavender & lavadin (promotes collage), Roman Chamomile (soothing), Germanium( soothing), Orange peel( collagen protection) and Marjoram( antibacterial)… I say it “good skin” in a bottle……smells so relaxing even my hubby got addicted to this . Best for fresh plumpy looking skin, mostly using it at night as its so relaxing or whenever I’m not going out.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen Spf 55: Again a Neutrogena product which is a repurchase too..yes its soooo amazing super matt  no stickiness or white film on skin best everyday sunscreen….highly recommended!

So these are the products I ‘m loving this summer… did you try any new product which you are loving do share yours too maybe I like to try!