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Beauty is constantly being reinvented at the Sephora Girl’s Lab for all real ladies from real life! This summer, we’ve decided to get the perfect tan and perfect skin with must-have products and incredible textures. Get your daily moisture fix with a range of body, face and lip moisturizers with Made In Sephora this season.


Because skin that is properly hydrated is the guarantee of a noticeably more beautiful complexion, Made inSephora skincare works to continuously provide it with the moisture it needs. The secret weapon of the eye moisturizer, instant moisture+ cream, intensive instant moisture+ cream and instant moisture+ lotion (or basically, the secret weapon of all our key products): hyaluronic acid, which acts like a sponge to harness and retain water. After receiving a boost and much-needed coaching, the skin once again learns to produce more of its own beneficial hyaluronic acid, thus revealing a smoother, softer and brighter complexion as time goes by. In short, more moisture = more beauty!

Instant moisture+ cream

AED 89/ QAR 88/ KSA 68/ BAH 6.9/ KWT 2.25

Of course we love the lightweight texture of this cream which features a booster complex of hyaluronic acid, but we love it also (and most of all) for its ability to leave the skin smoother, more radiant and more hydrated with continued use.

Intensive instant moisture+ cream

AED 89/ QAR 88/ KSA 66/ BAH 6.7/ KWT 2.25

Enriched with a hyaluronic acid booster and nourishing ceramides, this rich cream will delight all skin suffering from dehydration! And (this is really clever!), it helps the skin produce more hyaluronic acid to continually hydrate it for up to three days after the last use(1).

Liquid moisturizing skin concentrate

AED 109/ QAR 108/ KSA 89/ BAH 9/ KWT 2.75

This two-in-one product, a lotion/serum hybrid, is applied under a moisturizer to infuse it with hydrating power, brighten the complexion and refine the skin’s texture.

Head to toe Hydrator

AED 49/ QAR 49/ KSA 41/ BAH 4.1/ KWT 1.50

Smooth and non-greasy, this amazing do-it-all cream may be used as a cream or a mask: it deeply moisturizes the skin of the face, nourishes that of the body, and soothes that of the hands…and can even be used on the tips of hair to enhance their beauty! It really does do it all.. OK, so it won’t make us coffee, but still!

Super smoothing lip butter

AED 35/ QAR 35/ KSA 25/ BAH 2.5/ KWT 1

Contained within a cleverly-designed metallic retro-style tin, this colored lip balm repairs and nourishes lips while giving them a transparent, glossy sheen. An essential for any purse!

CC Care + Color SPF20

AED 85/ QAR 84/ KSA 58/ BAH 5.8/ KWT 2

When color and care join forces, the result is this pleasant surprise: a moisturizing CC cream that delivers a natural healthy glow and is infused with color-adapting pigments to leave the complexion more even-looking, reduce the look of imperfections, mask redness and make pores less visible. And, even better, it refines the skin texture with continued use.

Instant moisture+ lotion

AED 109/ QAR 108/ KSA 90/ BAH 9.0/ KWT 2.75

Fluid and ultra-lightweight, this lotion infuses the skin with hyaluronic acid, and, thanks to its silk powder-enriched formula, eliminates excess sebum and its associated shine.

Super nourishing lip balm

AED 19/ QAR 19/ KSA 13/ BAH 1.3/ KWT 0.75

Should we ever find ourselves craving soft, plump, moisturized and well-nourished lips, we’re reaching for this highly practical lip balm that may be generously applied as often as needed.


Effective and multitasking, the addictive products from the body care range, which combine pleasure, effectiveness, sensuality and generosity, are sure to make us melt: from a super supreme body butter to a whipped cream body moisturizer, sugar cane body scrub and express body scrub & mask, we have our pick of decadent delights to indulge in freely!

Express body scrub & mask

AED 45/ QAR 45/ KSA 31/ BAH 3.2/ KWT 1.25

With a two-in-one formula for ladies who want to de-clutter their bathrooms, this dual purpose scrub/mask (which features a delicate powdery fragrance) is massaged into damp skin to eliminate dead skin cells. It can also be applied as a mask to dry skin: in one minute, the skin is purified and impurities are eliminated. The perfect way to achieve that “new skin” feel!

Sugar body scrub

AED 95/ QAR 94/ KSA 66/ BAH 6.7/ KWT 2.25

Indulge freely in this generous sugar scrub that glides onto the skin and eliminates dead skin cells without any risk of extra poundage. We just love its gourmand fragrance and formula concentrated in raw sugar and apricot oil.

Hydrating & energizing shower gel

AED 50/ QAR 50/ KSA 35/ BAH 3.5/ KWT 1.25

Because waking up in the morning can be rough sometimes, Sephora has created this generous-sized shower gel with a formula that is as uplifting as an aerobics class: it is formulated with Goji berry extracts (powerful energy boosters) and features an intensely invigorating fragrance.

Ultra nourishing shower cream

AED 55/ QAR 55/ KSA 39/ BAH 3.9/ KWT 1.25

An ultra-generous-sized pump bottle and a formula that contains 50% moisturizing cream? Now that’s what we’re talking about!

Express dry shampoo

AED 35/ QAR 35/ KSA 26/ BAH 2.6/ KWT 1

This shampoo is the ultimate fix for days between hair washings: it absorbs excess sebum from the scalp like blotting paper for the hair.

All-in-one nourishing oil

AED 59/ QAR 58/ KSA 44/ BAH 4.5/ KWT 1.5

We guarantee that you will love EVE-RY-THING about this all-in-one oil: it is formulated with baobab and jojoba oils as well as vitamin E to nourish, protect, enhance and delicately scent the hair, face and body.

Supreme body lotion

AED 89/ QAR 88/ KSA 71/ BAH 7.2/ KWT 2.25

A fluid, lightweight texture enriched with shea butter, a more-than-generous size, the ability to get dressed immediately after application and soft, supple and soothed skin as a result? We’re left speechless every time!

Super supreme body butter

AED 99/ QAR 98/ KSA 69/ BAH 6.9/ KWT 2.25

With its non-greasy formula enriched with shea butter (a nourishing champion), this smooth body butter treats thirsty skin to a much-needed hydrating break.

Whipped cream body moisturizer

AED 99/ QAR 98/ KSA 71/ BAH 7.2/ KWT 2.25

For a muy caliente summer, we suggest this luxurious cream with a whipped texture that leaves the skin satiny smooth. It also delicately scents it with a summery fragrance combining a marine accord with apple, watermelon and melon.

Very rich hand cream

AED 29/ QAR 29/ KSA 23/ BAH 2.3/ KWT 1

An incredible cream just for hands that nourishes their delicate, lipid-depleted skin and provides them with continuous moisture. It can also be used in a more targeted manner to treat dry, damaged areas. Its secret: shea butter.

Firmness boosting body moisturizer

AED 145/ QAR 144/ KSA 102/ BAH 10.2/ KWT 3.25

With its refreshing, ultra-sensual texture, its caffeine-concentrated formula, a powerful ability to sculpt the silhouette, its jumbo-sized jar, as well as its dual firming and moisturizing action, this cream spares no expense when it comes to comforting and toning the skin.

Always fresh deodorant wipes

AED 21/ QAR 21/ KSA 15/ BAH 1.5/ KWT 0.75

May she who has never been deserted by her deodorant at the worst hour of the day then cast the first wipe!

Super spray deodorant

AED 25/ QAR 25/ KSA 18/ BAH 1.8/ KWT 0.75

Convenient, super compact and ultra-discreet, this mini deodorant spray formulated with lemon essential oils really knows how to refresh in a subtle way.

Sculpt with Sephora!


Sculpt! There’s nothing to see…

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Make the nose look thinner, reshape cheekbones, resculpt the contour of the face…sounds great, right? But what are we supposed to do if we don’t have our own personal make-up artist? Here’s some great news! Sephora has created contouring solutions that trick the eye while enhancing our beauty imperceptibly. Clever double-ended pencils, a palette, an intelligent pro foundation brush, etc.: now we have every tool, tutorial and tip on how to join this beauty movement and achieve a radiant complexion! Here’s to an ultra-natural-looking finish…

Contouring 101 Face Palette

AED 120/ QAR 138/ KSA 141/ BAH 14.16/ KWT 10.7

So what is contouring really about? It is the art of reshaping the features and contours of the face. To do this, effects are created using shadows and light, or rather, dark and light shades. With an angled brush in one hand and the Contouring Palette in the other, apply a dark shade to the parts of the face to sculpt, then highlight those that deserved to be emphasized. A must for posting the perfect selfie!

Highlight Lowlight face contour duo

AED 90/ QAR 103/ KSA 106/ BAH 10.6/ KWT 8

One smart and effective travel-friendly pencil available in 4 shades (light, medium, dark, very dark) + 2 ends = the ideal equation for sculpting the complexion! One side is used to minimize and other is used to highlight. The entire duo is further helped by its creamy texture that delivers a matte finish. It’s the perfect way to customize our look based on our desired results. And, thanks to the tutorial, it shows us how to contour and shape facial features step-by-step. So simple we can hardly believe it!

Available in 3 shades

PRO Ultra-liquid Foundation Brush n° 83

AED 129/ QAR 135/ KSA 139/ BAH 13.9/ KWT 10.5

What’s the secret to a flawless complexion and foolproof application? This brush, which delivers natural-looking results and lets us apply just the right amount of product without any waste.

It’s the ideal brush for ultra-liquid foundation textures, providing natural-looking, impeccable results and a bare skin finish. Apply a drop of foundation to the white center of the brush, which features a special density that effectively retains the formula and allows for better application. It also prevents waste: mercibeaucoup, Sephora!

The brush distributes the foundation all over the face for ultra-natural-looking results. Its angled shape perfectly follows the contours of the face, allowing us to apply foundation to the main areas (forehead, cheeks) while also targeting specific areas such as the eye contour or nose. One drop is all it takes! For better coverage, repeat application drop by drop like a true artist!

Teint Infusion – Ethereal Natural Finish Foundation

AED 99/ QAR 105/ KSA 105/ BAH 10.5/ KWT 8

A foundation delivered in a dropper that evens out the complexion without a caked-on look, which provides buildable coverage based on our desired look while leaving nothing behind besides an ultra-natural-looking finish? Yes, yes yes!

Kat Von D Sphinx:GET THE LOOK

kat von d

Kat Von D Sphinx


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Stand out from the crowd with Kat Von D’s avant-garde makeup and bring the revolution in you! Nothing short of unique, Kat Von D’s Sphinx makeup tutorial is perfect for a bold night out.

Step 1 – Foundation

175 AED/175 QAR/ 14 KWD

Ace the base with Kat Von D Beauty’s Lock-It Tattoo Foundation, a highly pigmented foundation for complete, buildable coverage. Available in a range of shades to suit all skin tones, the Lock-it Foundation guarantees a flawless finish.


Step 2 – Concealer

100 AED/100 QAR/ 7.5 KWD

Camouflage tattoos, scars, blemishes and dark circles with Kat Von D Beauty’s Lock-it Tattoo Concealer with an untraceable, picture-perfect finish.


Step 3 – Face Contour

220 AED/220 QAR/ 17 KWD

Chisel your cheeks, sculpt your nose, and define your jaw with Kat Von D Beauty’s Shade + Light Contour Palette. Each set comes with 6 shades: 3 for contouring and 3 for highlighting – there is something to flatter every skin tone.

Step 4 – Eye Contour

220 AED/ 220 QAR/ 17 KWD

Lift, balance, and define your eyes with Kat Von D Beauty’s Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette. Add depth and dimension to achieve bigger, brighter and more-defined looking eyes.



Step 5 – Eye Shadow

220 AED / 220 QAR/ 17 KWD

Transform your eyes and make a powerful statement with Kat Von D’s masterpiece – Chrysalis Eye Shadow Palette – a rich-pigment super-formula granted to last long without creasing, flaking, or fading.


Step 6 – Eye Liner

99 AED/ 99 QAR/ 7.5 KWD

Daring, Intense, and Effortless – Kat Von D Beauty’s Ink Liner in Trooper is your perfect weapon to achieving envy-inducing, enticing eyes.


Step 7 – Eyebrows

99 AED/ 99 QAR/ 7.5 KWD

Craft an impeccable set of brows by using Kat Von D Beauty’s Tattoo Brow in Medium Brown, a revolutionary liquid brow liner that accentuates with precision and perfection.

Step 8 – Eye Lashes

115 AED/115 QAR/ 9 KWD

Give your eye that final touch with Kat Von D Beauty’s Immortal Lash Mascara. Swipe the silicone Power Spiral brush to build commanding volume on your eyelashes from root to tip.

Step 9 – Lips

100 AED/100 QAR/ 7.5 KWD

Bedazzle with Kat Von D Beauty’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita, the color-intense formula with a long-lasting and matte finish.

Kat Von D Beauty is available at the following Sephora stores:


Dubai Mall

Mall Of The Emirates

City Walk

The Beach

Mirdif City Center

Abu Dhabi Mall

Yas Mall







The Avenues

The Gate


Summer Lov’in 15 : Bronzers

bronzer collage

Hi beauties,

So sticking to my Summer lov’in 15 tag will be sharing today my fav.  bronzers of this season…though in Kuwait we don’t need much bronzers to get tanned as the sun is very generous on us a few mins. in sun can give a nice tan color 😉 but if you don’t wanna cook in sun than bronzers are the alternate option…which I too prefer!

Makeup Forever Pro Fusion Bronze in 30 M this summer Makeup Forever came with MUFE Pro Fussion Bronze  a waterproof/sweatproof bronzer and I’m addicted to it…  the color, the formula perfection… pure matte and blends like butter.As its sweatproof so no sliding or fading…love it.. best to contour or add dimensions too as it has a grey undertone and not forgetting the soft flat top Pro Kabuki brush 136 which makes it blend traceless in the skin.Very travel friendly packaging as its very handy , comes with a full mirror..must have duo of the season!

Sephora Sun Disk- Limited Edition bronzer this is also an amazing bronzer…I recently got it  and can say loving it. Checkout the camo design on it…isn’t it cute! It also matte but not flat matte somewhere in between….perfect for all over sun kissed color just use a fluffy brush and swirl along the colors . can be used for intense contour too just use an angle brush for that. I like to wear it like blush too the colors give nice summery radiant glow to the cheeks. And not to mention its ‘Huge’ bigger than the size of my palm.. best for body too!…More you can check  from the Sephora summer 2015 collection Here

Which bronzer you are liking this Summer …share yours too would love to see you picks !




boxHi beauties,

  Today going to share my thoughts about the cute little shinny tubes from Bourjois called BOURJOIS AQUA LAQUE LIPSTICK  but before I tell you lets have a chit chat & adore this ‘ Red Box ‘ tied with this black satin ribbon…ahh I am sucker of packging! 

Now lets lets talk inside the box….super shinny tubes..yaaass whats was on my mind now!!!!  I think its enough with the matte lip thing which has been taking us for since winter (not including the Bourjois rouge velvet which is still my fav)…so now its time to have plumpy, full shiny lips! But wait its summer , so what about all the travelling and smearing of lipglosses on the chin maybe to the upper lip or to the nose after a full yummy lunch …eek!!!! nightmare 😉aqua-lip

  So this is not the case with this…its super shiny and light like water..(you can feel the water in it) Stays for 3 hours till you don’t eat or drink  than fades… like nothing on lips no stickiness or residue except the darker hues which leave pretty stain on lips after fading which I think we don’t mind right? What I like most it so so hydrating on lips as I have had a big problem of drying with matte ones when I forget to apply a lipbalm before it!  I’m so happy to try these and think that this will be the best for Ramadan season too…as they are so comfortable,  moisturizing, non sticky and semi opaque ..my kinda lip gloss….just giving the perfect color to the lips.

I have them in 02- Rosé on the rock. A rosy nude shade, a cute my go to color for everday , 04-Viens si tu roses. Not pink or red, it’s almost a raspberry color, very feminine perfect when you would like to add color to your face & 05- Red my lips an intense red….very pigmented will save this for special gathering. All you need is just to line your lips with a liner and just slap on some, smack.. healthy chic pout in seconds. bourjois-aqua-lip-

Check the Lip swatches , tell me which one did you like most?

Available at Boots, Centerpoint & Sephora in 8 shades.





Got this Makeup Forver Primers to try out and after using them now I think it is really the first sytep which I ever neglected …yes never been a fan or primers but this has made me think again.

Before I tell you more about these primers I wanted to share what I noticed with these primers,

1.Smoothes out skin fills fine lines

2. Shrinks pores

3. Hydrates skin to look flawless

4. Makes the foundation base to last longer without going faded patchy.

I am very happy with the primer each is does what it says…being a combo skin the mattefying one is my favorite.



  Women always dream of makeup that enhances their skin without drawing attention to it. Primer plays an important step in preparing the skin before applying foundation to have that perfect complexion and revive the skin’s glow. PRO Expert in the primers category, MAKE UP FOR EVER introduces new STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER that can transform any skin.

STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER goes beyond preparing the skin for makeup, it is an equalizer that can balance out any skin to provide the perfect texture, making your skin smoother, more supple and glowing. Six expert formulas have been designed for six skin concerns with one goal to triple the power of your foundation by improving application, enhancing color and finish and boosting hold.

STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER Primers fall under two main categories; STEP 1 Skin Preparators (Mattifying, Smoothing, hydrating and nourishing) are the must-haves for every woman and makeup artist. They are designed to correct skin problems ranging from oily skin to dehydrated skin to a flawed skin texture. On the other hand, STEP 1 Color Correctors of all colors are designed to readjust skin tonality.

STEP 1 Skin Preparators:

    • STEP 1 Mattifying Primer: Your solution for unwanted shine. This colorless, shine-protecting primer ensures instantly and lastingly mattified skin.
    • STEP 1 Smoothing Primer: A star in the STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER primers range. This satiny, non-oily formula is used for uneven skin with large pores, making the skin even with refined pores and reduced wrinkles and fine lines.
  • STEP 1 Hydrating Primer: Dehydrated skin often looks dull and tired. The H2O Complex in this primer boosts and refreshes the skin immediately making it supple, fresh and healthy.
  • STEP 1 Nourishing Primer: Its creamy texture provides nourishment into a dry and dehydrated skin that lacks nutrition to restore its elasticity, for a moisturized and repaired skin.

STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER Family Still Life STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER Official Models Shot

Something about the colored primers which was also released with these STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER

STEP 1 Color Correctors:

STEP 1 color correctors exist in 6 different colors (Green, Cool pink, Blue, Peach, Yellow and Caramel) each addressing different skin tonality from fair to dark. They work on correcting redness and dullness of each skin tone.

  • STEP 1 Redness Correcting Primer: Instantly evens out, hydrates and neutralizes redness on the surface of the skin.
  • STEP 1 Radiant Primer (Cool Pink): Instantly evens out, moisturizes, improves the radiance and color corrects a fair to medium skin tone.
  • STEP 1 Radiant Primer (Blue): Instantly evens out, moisturizes, improves the radiance and color corrects a pale fair to medium skin tone.
  • STEP 1 Radiant Primer (Peach): Instantly evens out, moisturizes, improves the radiance and color corrects a medium to tanned skin tone.
  • STEP 1 Radiant Primer (Yellow): Instantly evens out, moisturizes, improves the radiance and color corrects a medium to olive skin tone.
  • STEP 1 Radiant Primer (Caramel): Instantly evens out, moisturizes, improves the radiance and color corrects an olive to dark skin tone.

STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER is an indispensable product in every woman and professional makeup artist makeup kit which can be mixed and matched as you please for an instantly beautiful skin effect.

MAKE UP FOR EVER STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER full range will be launched at all MAKE UP FOR EVER Boutiques starting from the 1st March, 2015 for 12.500 Kd each