Review : KoKo Nail Polish First Blogger Edition #KoKoNailPolish


unnamed Hi beauties,

Today want to introduce you to a KoKo Nail Polishes brand based in Dubai, those who have subscribed to the Glambox must be familiar with this brand. Which says,

“KOKO is a state-of-the-art formula that strengthens and moisturizes nails as it delivers long-wearing, high-shine, chipresistant colour to any nail lover and a greater promise to any professional in the nail industry.KOKO nail is streak free with its special formulation to give the Gel Look finish in one coat.”

From my experience its an awesome nail polish have tried the palest to darkest nail polishes from this and they are just gorgeous…very high quality, streak free,  never stained my nail bed when I skip the base coat, chip free and mind blowingly shiny…yes take my words…I have the polishes which I got in the glambox a year ago till now they are just perfect… not gloopy at all or gone thick, the formula is so fine and so so even to apply…cant rave more those who can must try …highly recommended!

This February they surprised us with their First Blogger collection and I am so honored to be a part of the collection …so proud to share this now that I have nail polish by my blog name Q8MANGOPEOPLE which is gold …isn’t this cool…( tsk tsk happy tears :’)) thank you so much KOKO nail polish for this gesture ❤


Check the whole collection below, each color is absolutely exquisite.



356 SIN





Did some nail art using them which I love …hope I don’t change my blog into a nail blog 😛


If you want to try any of these or any other shades as they have a huge range of colors plus other nail & beauty supplies… visit the following link to order yours,

or if you live in Dubai you can visit them by yourself at the following address,


2/F Eiffel 2 Bldg.,

Sheikh Zayed Rd.,

Dubai, UAE

Tel. 800 (KOKONAIL) 5656 6245

email –



Review : Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Perfume


Hi beauties,

Sssspring is here so it will be not be fair to not welcome it with a beautiful fragrance…and obviously having a new perfume is always very exciting (many excuses for having a new perfume) 😉

Roberto Cavalli Paradiso is the new perfume by Roberto Cavalli ….love their perfumes as they are always unique blend of fresh, floral & perfect amount of heartening Mediterranean aroma.

Before I tell about the perfume lets adulate this stunning looking bottle with the twinkling juice inside …can look at it forever …so beguile indeed. This is also a masterpiece an exotic dulcet ….very feminine ,one whiff and you will want more…. a mellifluous blend of sweet mandarin orange, bergamot , delicate cypress, pink laurel ,warm yet woody parasol pine and charming jasmine which is left lingering to the body for hours… for me it calls spring when new blossoms bud, lush leas give serenity to eyes and a warm breeze just lift you….feels so good after taking off the heavy coats & feeling light.

Do try if you are fond of sweet citrusy floral perfumes.

Available at Vavavoom, Wojooh & Sephora

Review : Make Up For Ever Mascaras & Make Up For Ever SENS’EYES


Hi beauties,

Had been using the Makeup forever mascaras which I got back so thought this will be the right time to give my opinion about them …. No doubt the mascaras are good quality, very black formula, non clumpy formula and have divergent brushes. What I liked most these are very easily removed.. no hassle any good makeup remover will work with them, I had been using the Makeup Forever Sens’Eyes  which is just amazing no irritation or loosing lashes very delicate on eyes but does it job well!

extra  Makeup Forever Smoky Extravagant mascara has a conical shape & natural fiber bristles..the shape makes the mascara reach the lashes easily, though I found this a bit difficult on lower lashes than figured out a way how not to smudge all  the mascara on my under eye lolz…… So just wiping the extra mascara from the tip and used the tip of the brush on the lower lashes rather than the whole brush… the brush went through the lashes and coated them evenly without smudging on my lower eye, this made it lot easier as the front bristles are short. Overall a good mascara gives length noticed it has fibers which helped in lengthening and volume specially to the root area making them look thick.

smoky-lashMakeup Forever aqua smoky lash Mascara has a densely packed bristle very easy to work with brush. Though it gives good length and volume to the lashes but it flakes a bit after  some hours……maybe its me but it flaked which I hate in my mascara!


Makeup Forever Smoky Stretch Mascara this is my favorite among these as it has thin long conical shaped brush which makes the mascara reach the lashes easily. Holds the curl well, has fiber formula so gives a false lash effect which means it lengthens, thickens and adds full volume to lashes…love it ❤

Didn’t try the lashes yet but will be perfect for any dress up party 😉 will update.

Hope you find this helpful….have you tried any of these?

Everyday Look – Linda Hallberg Makeup Tutorials

Day to Night Purple eyeliner!


Hi beauties,

I love colored liners more than black one and want to try them all the time.. but was always afraid to try the purple eyeliner didn’t expect that it can look so good on me… I tried it couple of times now and got so many compliments as it enhances my brown eyes so thought why not show you gals too 😉

I used  just a purple eyepencil & eyeshadow  for daytime and Revlon colorstay gel liner in 003 Plum for evening to give more intense purple look….love its gorgeous color, it also has teeny tiny silver glitter particles which gives sparkly effect to the look.


I used the brown eyeshadow over the lid from the Revlon Colorstay Addictive  500 eyequad and purple under the eye from the Revlon color stay eyequad  Exotic 583.Dint use and eyeliner only lined with Rimmel scandal eyes black eyepencil and smudged with an angle brush very close to the lash line.And finally lots of I used  Essence Lash Mania.


So to transform the day look to the night look I intensified the eye makeup by just adding a pretty moss green eyeshadow and the Revlon colorstay gel liner in 003 Plum topping it with the purple eyeshadow again. To make it more perfect for evening I added the black eyepencil to the lashline and some eyelin…. came out very dramatic arabian type of look!


Hope you like like it….have you ever tried a purple eyeliner?

Pre Weekend Pampering!


Hi beauties,

As its being so cold these days in Kuwait which I am just loving and enjoying every bit as its very rare here…so lots of going out in the sun and feeling the chilly breeze with it…but today I was home thought to give myself a some pre-weekend pampering.

Just to make it more relaxing you can play soft music and lit some scented candles to give a spa like feeling….perfect to unwind and recharge. I use many store bought scrubs and masks when I am on the go but sometimes its so de-stressing to make your own and enjoy the natural goodness of nature plus enjoying the aromas…as I had a lots of free time on hand….so I gathered up some stuff from my kitchen and made myself a homemade mask and toner.


So what did I make.. I made a rice mask and  a green tea chamomile toner. Now what will you need to make this,

Rice mask:

Brown or White Rice flour ( has amazing skin healing benefits the less processed the better)


Boiling water

few drops of oil ( almond or argan oil according to your preference)

small bowl and spoon to mix

Measure 1 Tablespoon of rice flour in a bowl and add some boiling water to it, add just this much that it changes to a thick to runny paste just like a rice pudding…. but be careful as it will be hot! Let it sit for a while till it luke warm add some drops of oil & honey to make it more moisturizing as its winter. Now its ready!

As it dries very quick so I wet it with rose water and rub in circular massaging motions…after few seconds of scrubbing I wash it off with warm water… keep it for about 25 minutes…love how my skin becomes smooth and silky afterwards & also brightens up the complexion.

Green tea Chamomile toner:

This  toner ssso easy to make just measure 1 tsp  of Green tea and 1 tsp of Chamomile  tea in a cup and boiling water and cover it till it cools. Now just sieve the leaves and put the liquid in a spray bottle and voila! Ready to use….you can use this up to a week just store it in cool place …Spray it direct onto your face, also on cotton pads and canplace them on your eyes too…so relaxing.

Benefits of this toner is that it cleanses, detoxes, neutralizes skin,reduces the appearance of pores, calming and gives skin a youthful glow.

Hope you all find helpful this post…let me know if you have tried any of these!


Health Bites : Detox with Green Tea



Hi beauties,

This post will not be about makeup  today instead I am starting a new category “Health Bites” which will be more about well being,healthy eating  and recipes….. so new year new me, new resolutions…blah blah I am not going to say too much but honestly I never made any resolutions for new years as I never stick to routines.I keep changing day to day I don’t know if its only me or happens with everyone but this always happens! But something I have just started and I wish I stick to it as not a very healthy eater …… I think this will be my first resolution for this year ( apart from eyeing on more & more makeup :P) “to eat and drink more healthy ” which I just started with drinking a cup of Green Tea…..eww tastes not so appealing but I think will do some variations like adding some honey or mixing with some chamomile tea or  adding some ginger…. after reading the benefits I think I will  continue with atleast a cup everyday because no makeup can give you a healthy flawless looking skin till you are healthy from inside!

A very tiny initiative towards a healthy living but very beneficial as it is called the healthiest beverage because it detoxifies, keeps body hydrated, contains antioxidants and is also anti-inflammatory.Has strong antibacterial and antiviral agents which are effective for treating everything even cancer. Increases the metabolism,the polyphenol found in green tea works to intensify levels of fat oxidation and the rate at which your body turns food into calories…so shake up and brew a cup for yourself ( after reading my post 🙂 ) to enjoy with me the benefits.

What you will need,

1 tea spoon of green tea ( I get mine in loose leaves as I find better its your choice you can get in sachet packs too.)


1 mug hot boiling water

a spoon and a plate (to cover the mug for 5 mins)

Add the green tea to the mug and fill it with the boiling water.Cover it with a plate for 5 mins….after 5mins strain the leaves and add a 1  or 2 tsp of honey and your warm green tea enjoy! you can make this cold too by adding some ice and lemon will be great for summer.You can add up things according to your taste as I did.

Do you have any new year resolutions? Would love to hear about it!