Review : Lush Zest Hair Gelly


Today had to go for a family gathering and summer hair full frizzy :/ was having hard time taming them so tried this buddy Lush Zest Hair Gelly about which you can read here more


 I am not a fan or hair gels as they stiffen up hair or give them plastered look but boy this is good gave nice wet look to hair without making them flat or noodliee instead it gave a nice texture to hair as I was going for a low doughnut bun so wanted to look neat but didn’t wanted to look very preppy too.

What I did just made a pony tail, rubbed this gelly in my hands and just applied over my hair and pony….wrapped around the doughnut , pinned and viola…..this tamed all the flyways and gave a nice fresh wet hair look …must have this summer & it smells also citrusy. I liked it as it hold my hair for hours in this humid hot weather without looking greasy and will recommend to try as it has neroli oils plus is totally Natural ….no filthy synthetic chemical stuff.

Its available at Lush Avenues Mall.

Victoria Secret Avenues Mall Kuwait


Hi Beauties,

Went to check out the daily wear “Pink” collection at Victoria Secrets Outlet at Avenues mall Kuwait. The whole collection just screamed summer….totally chic & stylish ❤ comfort with style and perfect colors. They were also having 50% sale especially on the PINK collection including lingerie too plus sale on some perfumes, makeup, makeup bags, travel bags,totes, iphone covers, ipad covers & luminous body cream bronzers. So if you are travelling, want Ramadan gifts or looking something among these do check it out I hope you will all find your favorite ones.

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Weekend Nails & New Raybans


Was so excited and waiting for weekend as I bought these Essence nailpolishes from Carefour this week while doing some grocery ….as  I saw them on shelf couldnt resist to bring them along as they were shouting summmer 😉
I picked the yellow & a coolmint green which on coming home I noticed that the mint one was specially for toenails (show your feet) as it has antibacterial properties….but I will not mind wearing on my hands too :p as I just love the pastel cool minty color.
  Now the new Ray bans ahhh they are the glasses which I was looking for got from the new summer collection….mirrored blue ones just perfect for summer love love it ♥ bought this from Solaris at Avenues Mall.
  So I am ready for weekend, cant wait to plunge in warm salty sea water & dig my feet in the golden sand…..happy weekend everyone ♥

evian® collaboration with ELIE SAAB

evian elie saab

Hi Beauties,

I got the chance to review this gorgeous bottle which is not an ordinary Evian water bottle ,this is specially curated by the Famous  Lebanese Fashion Designer non other my favorite  Elie Saab…..ohhh my god its really gorgeous the sparkling water in it makes it soooo captivating just makes me stare at it …totally loving it…Coming on the design which I think is just perfect, the splendid whilte lace design on the bottle gives an elegant and delicate touch to it, depicting the  fine and pure taste of the designer….I just feel like owning a designer dress by Elie Saab, totally admiring it, this splendid piece of work will add an elegance to any dine .

  According to the press release, evian® is delighted to announce its collaboration with ELIE SAAB, to create a limited edition glass bottle that is a joint celebration of both brands’ pursuit of purity in design. The partnership between evian® and ELIE SAAB is the latest to follow six years of evian® associating itself with international fashion brands.

This year, the two brands unite with the common theme of purity. The bottle is decorated with a signature ELIE SAAB lace pattern, that recalls the feminine and elegant designs featured so prominently in the brand’s collections. The delicate white lace has been applied with architectural accuracy, bringing added refinement to the clean lines of the bottle’s silhouette. The final creation symbolizes the immaculate craftsmanship, and the mutual sophistication that both ELIE SAAB and evian® are renowned for.

“We are thrilled to see our bottle dressed by Elie Saab,” says Martin Renaud, President Evian Volvic World. “This masterful artist designed a unique, subtle lace gown for our glass limited edition bottle that elegantly underlines its purity, while capturing how unique and precious the evian water is.”

evian_2014_KVEvian_Elie_Saab_01 Evian_Elie_Saab_02


  • ORIGIN evian® was born in the heart of the French Alps. A unique protected site, thousands of years old, surrounded by mountains and glaciers.
  • A LONG JOURNEY A journey of over 15 years, protected by impermeable rocks, during which evian® water acquires its unique constant mineral composition.
  •  NATURALLY PURE Naturally filtered by glaciers sands, evian® water emerges as pure as Nature crafted it.


  • ELEGANCE A naturally gifted designer, Elie Saab has distinguished himself by creating timeless, elegant dresses that are a celebration of the feminine silhouette.
  • CRAFTSMANSHIP Using the finest fabrics and intricate embellishments, each creation is a masterpiece of sublime beauty.
  • A VISION The delicate ELIE SAAB lace and the refined silhouette of the evian® bottle combine to create a common vision of purity.

The ELIE SAAB for evian® bottle will be available in two sizes in the Middle East: 75 cl and 33 cl, and will be available in the region in selected restaurants, exclusive retailers and gourmet stores from the end of this month.

Or you can buy it Here.


Tutorial : Kuwaiti style hijab By Dalal AlDhoub