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Beauty boosts for all

Time for beauty shots all around! To boost a dull complexion, smooth marked skin and eliminate unwanted imperfections, Made in Sephora had the ingenious idea to create these boosters for the skin that, when used on their own or mixed in with day or night creams, deliver a powerful punch of vitamins and/or minerals. The skin responds instantly by looking more beautiful!

Luminizing booster Dullness & irregularities

AED 85/ QAR 84/ KSA 70/ BAH 7.0/ KWT 2.25

Because we often live life on the edge, we’re intensifying our beauty routines with this luminizing serum that increases radiance, chases away a dull complexion, refines the skin’s texture and, as an added bonus, promises to deliver a healthy glow. Its effectiveness after 14 days has been scientifically proven!

Revitalizing booster Marked & tired skin

AED 85/ QAR 84/ KSA 70/ BAH 7.0/ KWT 2.25

Within this bottle and pipette lies a formula that contains an intelligent mix of magnesium and citrus extracts (lemon, grapefruit and orange) to use as a 14-day treatment with each change of season. It smoothes tight features and energizes tired skin.

Clarifying booster Visible pores & imperfections

AED 85/ QAR 84/ KSA 70/ BAH 7.0/ KWT 2.25

Two weeks is all it takes to purify the skin, eliminate excess sebum that plagues the lives of those with combination skin, as well as diminish the appearance of pores and imperfections. Use on its own or mixed in with a regular day or night cream.

Anti-aging on all fronts!

The secret behind Made in Sephora anti-aging care? A carefully developed collagen booster complex.

This is how the formula breaks down, but what does this mean for the skin? Softness and suppleness of course, as well as diminished signs of aging and boosted energy within the skin.

These smart formulas work tirelessly to help our skin produce more collagen with each day. Now that’s beautiful!

Total age defy night cream

AED 135/ QAR 134/ KSA 108/ BAH 10.9/ KWT 3.25

Smooth and rich, this cream completes its day counterpart’s action. It offsets collagen deficiencies and works all night long to regenerate even sensitive skin and diminish signs of fatigue. Could it get any better?

Total age defy cream

AED 135/ QAR 134/ KSA 108/ BAH 10.9/ KWT 3.25

The results are in: with this cream (and its formula enriched with a collagen booster), the complexion appears more radiant, and the skin is left softer and smoother. We’d be crazy not to love it!

Total age defy cream for eyes & lips

AED 99/ QAR 98/ KSA 83/ BAH 8.4/ KWT 2.75

Attention delicate areas! Introducing the ultimate in pampering care: this luxurious anti-aging cream with a built-in collagen booster works to improve the skin’s quality, bounce and firmness.

Renew & peel super serum

AED 145/ QAR 144/ KSA 118/ BAH 11.8/ KWT 3.50

With its dual stimulating/cooling effect, this glycolic acid-enriched anti-aging serum with a progressive peeling effect instantly brightens the complexion, diminishes pores and reduces the look of dark spots with continued use. An even-looking complexion is guaranteed!

Super regenerating oil-serum

AED 145/ QAR 144/ KSA 118/ BAH 11.9/ KWT 3.75

This oil-serum is the perfect solution for those looking for an anti-aging oil that is as easy to apply as a serum (to repair and prevent signs of aging), a treatment that will leave the skin suppler, softer, more radiant, as well as a concentrate of regenerating effectiveness.

Wrinkle-fighting super serum

AED 145/ QAR 144/ KSA 122/ BAH 12.2/ KWT 3.75

We adore this serum for its formula enriched with marine collagen and rice nutripeptides that plump the skin and smooth facial features. A flat iron for the skin? Not quite, but almost!




Got this Makeup Forver Primers to try out and after using them now I think it is really the first sytep which I ever neglected …yes never been a fan or primers but this has made me think again.

Before I tell you more about these primers I wanted to share what I noticed with these primers,

1.Smoothes out skin fills fine lines

2. Shrinks pores

3. Hydrates skin to look flawless

4. Makes the foundation base to last longer without going faded patchy.

I am very happy with the primer each is does what it says…being a combo skin the mattefying one is my favorite.



  Women always dream of makeup that enhances their skin without drawing attention to it. Primer plays an important step in preparing the skin before applying foundation to have that perfect complexion and revive the skin’s glow. PRO Expert in the primers category, MAKE UP FOR EVER introduces new STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER that can transform any skin.

STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER goes beyond preparing the skin for makeup, it is an equalizer that can balance out any skin to provide the perfect texture, making your skin smoother, more supple and glowing. Six expert formulas have been designed for six skin concerns with one goal to triple the power of your foundation by improving application, enhancing color and finish and boosting hold.

STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER Primers fall under two main categories; STEP 1 Skin Preparators (Mattifying, Smoothing, hydrating and nourishing) are the must-haves for every woman and makeup artist. They are designed to correct skin problems ranging from oily skin to dehydrated skin to a flawed skin texture. On the other hand, STEP 1 Color Correctors of all colors are designed to readjust skin tonality.

STEP 1 Skin Preparators:

    • STEP 1 Mattifying Primer: Your solution for unwanted shine. This colorless, shine-protecting primer ensures instantly and lastingly mattified skin.
    • STEP 1 Smoothing Primer: A star in the STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER primers range. This satiny, non-oily formula is used for uneven skin with large pores, making the skin even with refined pores and reduced wrinkles and fine lines.
  • STEP 1 Hydrating Primer: Dehydrated skin often looks dull and tired. The H2O Complex in this primer boosts and refreshes the skin immediately making it supple, fresh and healthy.
  • STEP 1 Nourishing Primer: Its creamy texture provides nourishment into a dry and dehydrated skin that lacks nutrition to restore its elasticity, for a moisturized and repaired skin.

STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER Family Still Life STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER Official Models Shot

Something about the colored primers which was also released with these STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER

STEP 1 Color Correctors:

STEP 1 color correctors exist in 6 different colors (Green, Cool pink, Blue, Peach, Yellow and Caramel) each addressing different skin tonality from fair to dark. They work on correcting redness and dullness of each skin tone.

  • STEP 1 Redness Correcting Primer: Instantly evens out, hydrates and neutralizes redness on the surface of the skin.
  • STEP 1 Radiant Primer (Cool Pink): Instantly evens out, moisturizes, improves the radiance and color corrects a fair to medium skin tone.
  • STEP 1 Radiant Primer (Blue): Instantly evens out, moisturizes, improves the radiance and color corrects a pale fair to medium skin tone.
  • STEP 1 Radiant Primer (Peach): Instantly evens out, moisturizes, improves the radiance and color corrects a medium to tanned skin tone.
  • STEP 1 Radiant Primer (Yellow): Instantly evens out, moisturizes, improves the radiance and color corrects a medium to olive skin tone.
  • STEP 1 Radiant Primer (Caramel): Instantly evens out, moisturizes, improves the radiance and color corrects an olive to dark skin tone.

STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER is an indispensable product in every woman and professional makeup artist makeup kit which can be mixed and matched as you please for an instantly beautiful skin effect.

MAKE UP FOR EVER STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER full range will be launched at all MAKE UP FOR EVER Boutiques starting from the 1st March, 2015 for 12.500 Kd each