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Beauty is constantly being reinvented at the Sephora Girl’s Lab for all real ladies from real life! This summer, we’ve decided to get the perfect tan and perfect skin with must-have products and incredible textures. Get your daily moisture fix with a range of body, face and lip moisturizers with Made In Sephora this season.


Because skin that is properly hydrated is the guarantee of a noticeably more beautiful complexion, Made inSephora skincare works to continuously provide it with the moisture it needs. The secret weapon of the eye moisturizer, instant moisture+ cream, intensive instant moisture+ cream and instant moisture+ lotion (or basically, the secret weapon of all our key products): hyaluronic acid, which acts like a sponge to harness and retain water. After receiving a boost and much-needed coaching, the skin once again learns to produce more of its own beneficial hyaluronic acid, thus revealing a smoother, softer and brighter complexion as time goes by. In short, more moisture = more beauty!

Instant moisture+ cream

AED 89/ QAR 88/ KSA 68/ BAH 6.9/ KWT 2.25

Of course we love the lightweight texture of this cream which features a booster complex of hyaluronic acid, but we love it also (and most of all) for its ability to leave the skin smoother, more radiant and more hydrated with continued use.

Intensive instant moisture+ cream

AED 89/ QAR 88/ KSA 66/ BAH 6.7/ KWT 2.25

Enriched with a hyaluronic acid booster and nourishing ceramides, this rich cream will delight all skin suffering from dehydration! And (this is really clever!), it helps the skin produce more hyaluronic acid to continually hydrate it for up to three days after the last use(1).

Liquid moisturizing skin concentrate

AED 109/ QAR 108/ KSA 89/ BAH 9/ KWT 2.75

This two-in-one product, a lotion/serum hybrid, is applied under a moisturizer to infuse it with hydrating power, brighten the complexion and refine the skin’s texture.

Head to toe Hydrator

AED 49/ QAR 49/ KSA 41/ BAH 4.1/ KWT 1.50

Smooth and non-greasy, this amazing do-it-all cream may be used as a cream or a mask: it deeply moisturizes the skin of the face, nourishes that of the body, and soothes that of the hands…and can even be used on the tips of hair to enhance their beauty! It really does do it all.. OK, so it won’t make us coffee, but still!

Super smoothing lip butter

AED 35/ QAR 35/ KSA 25/ BAH 2.5/ KWT 1

Contained within a cleverly-designed metallic retro-style tin, this colored lip balm repairs and nourishes lips while giving them a transparent, glossy sheen. An essential for any purse!

CC Care + Color SPF20

AED 85/ QAR 84/ KSA 58/ BAH 5.8/ KWT 2

When color and care join forces, the result is this pleasant surprise: a moisturizing CC cream that delivers a natural healthy glow and is infused with color-adapting pigments to leave the complexion more even-looking, reduce the look of imperfections, mask redness and make pores less visible. And, even better, it refines the skin texture with continued use.

Instant moisture+ lotion

AED 109/ QAR 108/ KSA 90/ BAH 9.0/ KWT 2.75

Fluid and ultra-lightweight, this lotion infuses the skin with hyaluronic acid, and, thanks to its silk powder-enriched formula, eliminates excess sebum and its associated shine.

Super nourishing lip balm

AED 19/ QAR 19/ KSA 13/ BAH 1.3/ KWT 0.75

Should we ever find ourselves craving soft, plump, moisturized and well-nourished lips, we’re reaching for this highly practical lip balm that may be generously applied as often as needed.


Effective and multitasking, the addictive products from the body care range, which combine pleasure, effectiveness, sensuality and generosity, are sure to make us melt: from a super supreme body butter to a whipped cream body moisturizer, sugar cane body scrub and express body scrub & mask, we have our pick of decadent delights to indulge in freely!

Express body scrub & mask

AED 45/ QAR 45/ KSA 31/ BAH 3.2/ KWT 1.25

With a two-in-one formula for ladies who want to de-clutter their bathrooms, this dual purpose scrub/mask (which features a delicate powdery fragrance) is massaged into damp skin to eliminate dead skin cells. It can also be applied as a mask to dry skin: in one minute, the skin is purified and impurities are eliminated. The perfect way to achieve that “new skin” feel!

Sugar body scrub

AED 95/ QAR 94/ KSA 66/ BAH 6.7/ KWT 2.25

Indulge freely in this generous sugar scrub that glides onto the skin and eliminates dead skin cells without any risk of extra poundage. We just love its gourmand fragrance and formula concentrated in raw sugar and apricot oil.

Hydrating & energizing shower gel

AED 50/ QAR 50/ KSA 35/ BAH 3.5/ KWT 1.25

Because waking up in the morning can be rough sometimes, Sephora has created this generous-sized shower gel with a formula that is as uplifting as an aerobics class: it is formulated with Goji berry extracts (powerful energy boosters) and features an intensely invigorating fragrance.

Ultra nourishing shower cream

AED 55/ QAR 55/ KSA 39/ BAH 3.9/ KWT 1.25

An ultra-generous-sized pump bottle and a formula that contains 50% moisturizing cream? Now that’s what we’re talking about!

Express dry shampoo

AED 35/ QAR 35/ KSA 26/ BAH 2.6/ KWT 1

This shampoo is the ultimate fix for days between hair washings: it absorbs excess sebum from the scalp like blotting paper for the hair.

All-in-one nourishing oil

AED 59/ QAR 58/ KSA 44/ BAH 4.5/ KWT 1.5

We guarantee that you will love EVE-RY-THING about this all-in-one oil: it is formulated with baobab and jojoba oils as well as vitamin E to nourish, protect, enhance and delicately scent the hair, face and body.

Supreme body lotion

AED 89/ QAR 88/ KSA 71/ BAH 7.2/ KWT 2.25

A fluid, lightweight texture enriched with shea butter, a more-than-generous size, the ability to get dressed immediately after application and soft, supple and soothed skin as a result? We’re left speechless every time!

Super supreme body butter

AED 99/ QAR 98/ KSA 69/ BAH 6.9/ KWT 2.25

With its non-greasy formula enriched with shea butter (a nourishing champion), this smooth body butter treats thirsty skin to a much-needed hydrating break.

Whipped cream body moisturizer

AED 99/ QAR 98/ KSA 71/ BAH 7.2/ KWT 2.25

For a muy caliente summer, we suggest this luxurious cream with a whipped texture that leaves the skin satiny smooth. It also delicately scents it with a summery fragrance combining a marine accord with apple, watermelon and melon.

Very rich hand cream

AED 29/ QAR 29/ KSA 23/ BAH 2.3/ KWT 1

An incredible cream just for hands that nourishes their delicate, lipid-depleted skin and provides them with continuous moisture. It can also be used in a more targeted manner to treat dry, damaged areas. Its secret: shea butter.

Firmness boosting body moisturizer

AED 145/ QAR 144/ KSA 102/ BAH 10.2/ KWT 3.25

With its refreshing, ultra-sensual texture, its caffeine-concentrated formula, a powerful ability to sculpt the silhouette, its jumbo-sized jar, as well as its dual firming and moisturizing action, this cream spares no expense when it comes to comforting and toning the skin.

Always fresh deodorant wipes

AED 21/ QAR 21/ KSA 15/ BAH 1.5/ KWT 0.75

May she who has never been deserted by her deodorant at the worst hour of the day then cast the first wipe!

Super spray deodorant

AED 25/ QAR 25/ KSA 18/ BAH 1.8/ KWT 0.75

Convenient, super compact and ultra-discreet, this mini deodorant spray formulated with lemon essential oils really knows how to refresh in a subtle way.


Review : Bath & Body Works Wild Madagascar Vanilla EDT


Finally the weather is getting more cold here in Kuwait, so its time to move on to some sweet, deep woody perfumes…. to enjoy the best weather here.
     Bath and Body Works came up  this fall with their new fragrance Wild Madagascar Vanilla accompanied with a rich perfumed body care collection & house warming candle. According to them, “This is the vanilla you have never experienced so far.
  The fragrance has an intoxicating blend of the most desirable vanilla in the world, perfectly enhanced by African pear, wild jasmine and milky white creamy sandalwood.Top notes of Wild Madagascar Vanilla blend with zests of African pear, sparkling fruit zest of clementine and juicy ruby red apple. The heart introduces a blend of wild jasmine, wild gardenia, heliotrope petals and golden plumeria (frangipani), while the base is composed of Madagascar vanilla, white sandalwood and creamy musk.
   Before I descibe the scent I am so loving the gorgeous packaging of the EDT & EDP …on seeing it you can tell how the scent will be like…truly delineates.
  I personally describe it as a sweet treat in this winter …..on the first whiff you will actually feel the sweetness & warmness of vanilla.Though I dont wear much sweet perfumes….and in the start I felt this also very very sweet to my taste as I love more fresh floral kinda perfumes but later on when it settles its an enticing floral fruity & warm though not overly sweet scent but still sweet more like an enliven blend of sweet warm vanilla  and floral fruity notes …I think I’m liking it.If you love the sweet vanilla than you definitely must try this! As its a EDT so longevity is like for 3 hrs. which for a edt is not bad at all but if paired with its body lotion it may last for more hours.
  Its available at Bath & Body works for 7 KD.

Review : Bath & Body Works New French Lavender & Honey Shower gel and Springtime in PROVENCE Candle #Oohlalavender


Hi beauties,

Got this New Bath & Body Works French Lavender & Honey shower gel, honestly when I read lavender I thought it will be more laverdery and I am not a fan of it but when I smelt in store I was like yum it smells so delicious….couldn’t wait to reach home and jump into shower 😉 Its floral , citrusy, sweet & pure girly plus not lavender at all. This beautiful blushing pink beauty filled my bath with lovely fresh smell, truly addictive. I love the colors of the bottle too truly depicts what packed inside <3.

I felt it is bit moisturizing too as had Shea and vitamin e but I will soon get the body lotion so that this lovely smell lingers on me for long…besides refreshing its also calming, really needed something like this!


Talking about the candle so who doesn’t love bath & body works candles, they just come up with yummy scents so as this one too the Springtime in PROVENCE Candle smells so yummy fresh, fruity & floral , summer nights are complete now with this… very fragrant perfect to keep you in the summer mood.

Who ever been to France will mustly love it, as I have never been to France but I think I know how it smells now 😉 The Bath & Body works French lavender aka #Oohlalavender  range is definitely a must try! Its available in stores across Kuwait, do try and tell how do you feel about it….I know you will love it as I do.

Summer Pinks


Hi beauties,
This time decided to explore the local market and roaming around the colorful aromatic markets found these cute neon ‘burqa’ earrings…love at first sight situation ♡ already I am a big fan of the Arabic oil perfumes, the aroma is so captivating love it…..even love exploring the local Mubarkiya markets filled with the essence of middle eastern culture, the smell of fresh dried spice is so alluring… I love going around these markets, exploring the traditional vague culture which is so apparent there. Those who are living in UAE must be familiar with this….Some information about ‘ Burqa’ its mostly a golden mask old emarati women used to wear still some wear till now, covering eyebrows and upper lip used in the United Arab Emirates and nearby countries  more you can read more about it Here
Personally I love traditional unique & antique jewellery which specially depicts some culture. I use to have lots of chunky pieces resembling from the Mughal era…so this was to be mine plus its so trendy and funky perfect to add some color to an outfit 😉
The other pink for my summer is the bath & body sweetpea body mist and body lotion…smells so delish…light and floral just bring the spring in summer…..hope you have enjoyed my Summer pinks ♡♡♡




Just in time for the latest fall fashion, Bath & Body Works introduces Amber Blush, a fragrance inspired by the perfect autumn getaway that surrounds you in luxury and comfort.


“Fall is the most exciting time of the year for fashion.  We took inspiration from this iconic fashion moment to introduce a warm, sensual oriental that is rich and ultra-feminine at the same time.” said Bath & Body Works President of Brand Development and Merchandising Camille McDonald.


“We pictured a glowing fire warming the crisp air, the comfort of soft suede and the richness of ripe fruit.  Amber Blush embraces the skin with soothing notes of modern luxury,” saidFirmenich PerfumersNathalie Lorson and Honorine Blanc.  In this fragrance, a sensuous blend of sparkling raspberry and lush white gardenia petals dries to a soft touch of creamy vanilla suede and crystallized amber.  A must-have for your fall fragrance wardrobe, Amber Blush captures the unique beauty of the season – rustic yet refined and elegant.


And for the first time ever, Bath & Body Works introduces a new way to experience fine fragrance – our Sheer Perfume Mist, available exclusively in the Amber Blush collection.  The Sheer Perfume Mist features a higher concentration of precious fragrance oil for a longer-lasting, more sophisticated scent experience, in a limited edition bottle accented with a jewelry-inspired gold leaf.

Category Form Size/ Type Fragrance






























Available now at Bath & Body Works.

Tory Burch Launches Beauty, Fragrance.

Photo: George Chinsee via WWD

Photo: George Chinsee via WWD

 Tory Burch the beauty category–a fragrance, color cosmetics collection, and a bath and body line.


Photo: George Chinsee via WWD

Source : Here

Kuwait Event : Launch party of the White Musk Smoky Rose at The Body Shop


Hi beauties,

Yesterday I went to The Body Shop(Marina Mall) for launch party of  the White Musk Smoky Rose .We were welcomed there by the beautiful and charming hostesses. The store was beautifully decorated and arranged  can say was in a  full mood of festivity, all packed with Press , gorgeous and pretty guests to witness the launch of the sparkling star of the evening  the White Musk Smoky Rose.

The hostess introduced us to the  new fragrance line and explained how they are supporting and standing for the Cruelty Free products. Also explained us about the Community Fair Trade Program through which each purchase from The Body shop for example helps people in” Ghana & Ethiopia” for food, water and school for their children…pretty amazing so no regrets on pampering yourself with the luxurious products .Got some introduction to the White Musk Smoky Rose which is created organically and cruelty free as its prepared with synthetic musk.Its  a nice seductive floral  mysterious musky fragrance, an intoxicating blend of cruelty-free musk with notes of black smoky rose and tobacco flower….interesting right will do a full review on it .

Also went through the  amazing festive season offers going in the store….beautifully wrapped and packed boxes to cheer up your loved ones <3…  just irresistible ;)….They also have free in store makeovers at their makeup corner so the girls who just want  a change can visit them to try a new look with their gorgeous mouthwatering makeup selection…the shimmer cubes, cutie blushes and the lip cheek tint just die for I just loooove that place can live there ;)…… so do try the makeover this will give you a chance to try them too …..i just love it will share my fav picks with you….the staff is also very friendly, they will love to give you a free skincare and makeover consultation.

For home they have good selection of organic  fragrance oils which are just amazing and yummy ….do try them they would just fill you house with the festive aroma.

For fun we had to play a guessing game which was a fun.  Got to meet some pretty fella bloggers too, we were served with  Starbucks Toffee Coffee Latte :P…..so  had a fun evening .Would like to thanks to the lovely staff and charming hostesses  for letting us enjoy and share the fun filled evening with them.

Do visit the store and avail the saving offers so that you can gift your loved ones generously without any regrets ❤