Product Review : Listerine Total Care Mouthwash Clean Mint



Hi everyone,

I’m back with an exciting post….not exactly a beauty post but you can say its related in some manner! Today I m going to talk something about my oral hygiene,which is kinda a unsual post but I don’t know why i didn’t mention till now how I ‘m so addicted with oral healthcare which means brushing twice a day, swooshing & gargling mint mouthwash because i believe too that a toothpaste alone cannot take care of your teeth and gums …I enjoy the minty fresh mouth, for that you will not be surprised too find a mint mouth spray or a bunch of minty gums in my bag ( in case to offer someone talking to me who just had enjoyed some garlic bread!!)

My ATM favorite mouthwash is the New Listerine Total Care in Clean Mint which was sent to me a couple of days before and I’m hooked to this now…As it says ,’ New LISTERINE TOTAL CARE Mouthwash in CLEAN MINT has 6 benefits in 1 its kills bacteria,power through plaque,prevents gingivitis, keeps teeth naturally white, protects against cavities & provides long lasting fresh breath.‘ I believe that only brushing doesn’t give fresh mouth from years i have been swishing my mouth with the Listerine COOL MINT which is great but a bit too strong …but this one is perfect not too strong but you can feel a little tingle which shows its working 😉

This new Listerine comes in a purple color liquid in the same old bottle…the mouthwash is less stingy and little more sweet tasting compared to the original one which makes it ideal for kids too.I found it refreshing, as it says it whitens teeth so i didn’t see much whiteness like white-ness till now but it gives the clean teeth feeling and also noticed it helped in less tartar buildup too… result fresh mouth for long hours.




This Listerine package came with a fun google cardboard which was so much fun …all you have to place your smartphone in it and see this cool 360 video in which you can see how germs attack your teeth, I think this was the coolest way to educate and promote oral healthcare specially in kids.. you can also check on the following link,

Its easily available in local Cooperative markets and drugstores around Kuwait.





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