Sculpt with Sephora!


Sculpt! There’s nothing to see…

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Make the nose look thinner, reshape cheekbones, resculpt the contour of the face…sounds great, right? But what are we supposed to do if we don’t have our own personal make-up artist? Here’s some great news! Sephora has created contouring solutions that trick the eye while enhancing our beauty imperceptibly. Clever double-ended pencils, a palette, an intelligent pro foundation brush, etc.: now we have every tool, tutorial and tip on how to join this beauty movement and achieve a radiant complexion! Here’s to an ultra-natural-looking finish…

Contouring 101 Face Palette

AED 120/ QAR 138/ KSA 141/ BAH 14.16/ KWT 10.7

So what is contouring really about? It is the art of reshaping the features and contours of the face. To do this, effects are created using shadows and light, or rather, dark and light shades. With an angled brush in one hand and the Contouring Palette in the other, apply a dark shade to the parts of the face to sculpt, then highlight those that deserved to be emphasized. A must for posting the perfect selfie!

Highlight Lowlight face contour duo

AED 90/ QAR 103/ KSA 106/ BAH 10.6/ KWT 8

One smart and effective travel-friendly pencil available in 4 shades (light, medium, dark, very dark) + 2 ends = the ideal equation for sculpting the complexion! One side is used to minimize and other is used to highlight. The entire duo is further helped by its creamy texture that delivers a matte finish. It’s the perfect way to customize our look based on our desired results. And, thanks to the tutorial, it shows us how to contour and shape facial features step-by-step. So simple we can hardly believe it!

Available in 3 shades

PRO Ultra-liquid Foundation Brush n° 83

AED 129/ QAR 135/ KSA 139/ BAH 13.9/ KWT 10.5

What’s the secret to a flawless complexion and foolproof application? This brush, which delivers natural-looking results and lets us apply just the right amount of product without any waste.

It’s the ideal brush for ultra-liquid foundation textures, providing natural-looking, impeccable results and a bare skin finish. Apply a drop of foundation to the white center of the brush, which features a special density that effectively retains the formula and allows for better application. It also prevents waste: mercibeaucoup, Sephora!

The brush distributes the foundation all over the face for ultra-natural-looking results. Its angled shape perfectly follows the contours of the face, allowing us to apply foundation to the main areas (forehead, cheeks) while also targeting specific areas such as the eye contour or nose. One drop is all it takes! For better coverage, repeat application drop by drop like a true artist!

Teint Infusion – Ethereal Natural Finish Foundation

AED 99/ QAR 105/ KSA 105/ BAH 10.5/ KWT 8

A foundation delivered in a dropper that evens out the complexion without a caked-on look, which provides buildable coverage based on our desired look while leaving nothing behind besides an ultra-natural-looking finish? Yes, yes yes!


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