My Visit to London! Part 1: Hyde Park , Queensway & Bond Street.


Hi beauties,

I know this was waiting for me in my draft box to be posted so here I go…..We had a very fun spring break (March) one-week trip to London, for which I was very excited.. I love traveling ; we already had planned which places we wanted to visit…before I tell your more about my trip I want to tell you that I really fell in love with the city, so historical itself with antique architecture, stupendous buildings… a city with lots of character and not forgetting the scenery… the beauty was beyond words.Our trip was all about sightseeing and having good time together ..and London was a good choice.

As I will divide my trip in four parts so that you all a can enjoy the pictures and some detailed fun with me.

Now from here our trip began, we chose Qatar airways, which was Kuwait to Doha (Qatar) than to Heathrow London…amazing service, enjoyed the flight,very comfortable, spacious planes, yummy meal and very friendly staff….highly recommended!

collage  20150315_064420

We reached London airport after 8 hours of flight from Doha , it took 1 hour to clear from the customs as the queue was very long and after that collected our luggage.On the airport their is a tube station where we purchased an Oyster Card‘, which is a must I may say …Oyster card is to travel on bus, Tube, tram, DLR, London Overground and most National Rail services in London no worries of hiring a cab the tube and bus is available everywhere. I was very excited now because this was my first tube experience, it goes on underground routes & sometimes passes by some pretty terrains too which was lovely to watch specially the greenery, trees and lined houses , more like a country side view. Just before taking a train, take some time to understand the colorful routes on the map which is also available at the station or check online.


The day we reached was very cold & cloudy with interlude showers through out the day which we already knew and packed accordingly. After changing 3 tubes finally we reached Bayswater where we already booked online our Hotel “Double Tree by Hilton” which was just opposite the Hyde park….the hotel was wonderful, had big windows , the room was quite spacious with a cupboard, they also provided us in the room with an iron, fridge, hair dryer and coffeemaker. The Hotel had Urban Meadow Café on the ground Floor, nice place to have some hot chocolate with a view of passerby’s on the road .



So the first day we checked out the Queensway which was near around the corner of our hotel, there you can find many mini super markets, restaurants of all types, halal food , cafes, shisha bars, mobile shops and Shawarma shops too plus you can also shop for Souvenirs there. At the end of the road there was Whitley’s (Shopping mall) which had Marks & Spencer gourmet, Zara, The body shop and many more.



Hyde Park

So after checking out the area around us the next day we visited the Hyde Park which is very huge…unfortunately didn’t get to see all as it started raining and it’s  huge… and  beautiful…We visited the Royal gardens(inside  Hyde Park) which has large lakes with lots of swans and ducks, bird feeding was fun there. If you are with kids than there is a fun place the Diana Memorial Playground .



So after  some walk we got to see the Kensington palace & Kensington Garden..(I have short video clips of it on my instagram @q8mangopeople if you would like to see)…lovely greenery  fountains & flowers to enjoy. Also saw ‘Orangery”  just near the palace which is an high end English restaurant very famous for a English breakfast…if you fancy a cup of tea with some english sandwiches.

20150317_143352 20150317_143549 20150317_144557

Also saw the Albert Monument and Serpentine Gallery. |Than we took a Double decker bus ride and visited the Italian fountains (couldnt photogragh due to dead battery :/)… was just stunning with lots of fountains. A well spent day in the park calming scenery and serene atmosphere, best for walking, picnics or just chilling.

20150317_140705 20150317_140046 20150317_135135 20150317_135910


The same day we went to the Bond Street & Oxford street…. but if you want to shop just go before eight… as 8’o clock everything closes there! You can find all the Shopping stores there like Topshop, BHS, Next, Marks & Spencer, Primark , Selfridges Debenhams, House of Fraser…and many more to name also spotted Arabian Oud :)… a complete shopping destination. Don’t worry of having a bite during your shopping, you can find Subway, Starbucks, Pret a manger and many other restaurants also there.

20150315_200816 20150315_201007 20150315_204841 20150315_205235 20150315_210106 20150315_212035

It was sooo freezing cold in the evening but we enjoyed strolling around the streets and watching the city lit up in colorful lights.Though the stores were closing but we were busy admiring the beautiful architecture of the buildings which was shining in the lights…and like this our day came to an end.

Stay tuned for part 2 😉


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