Inspiration for Valentines Day!

Celebrate Valentine's Day at Hilton Kuwait Resort (1)


Though I am not a Valentine day celebrating person because I think there is no specific day to show your love to your loved ones…  you must do this everyday  or at least once in a while. But still for some fun sake you can do something on a day which is specially to embrace love.

So you have some options, you can get dressed up and  dine out or book a special treat for your loved one, a short escape for a  romantic getaway at Hilton Kuwait Resort’s stunning shoreline location(to make a booking, please contact +965 22256222 or +965 51500210)

Either you can also stay at home and have some quality time with your spouse which I would prefer. This is not that I don’t enjoy going out but staying home can also be fun as you can do all …cook or order some food , dress up, wear your fav perfume, lit some candles and have relaxing dinner together.

For some makeup inspiration check out the looks I created which is classic Red lip, Fun pink and a comfy soft look…maybe I will be doing the comfy soft look for myself.



Some ideas to do some fun stuff while staying at home which I found very interesting via  Helping ( House keeping service in Dubai ) to make a memorable Valentine’s Day at home:

1- Have a picnic

Spread a blanket, dim the lights, push the sofas aside, sit next to the window, light a candle and have a picnic. This could consist of simple mini sandwiches or a fancy cheese platter and cold cuts. Either way, you will create an intimate setting which will bring you closer together.

2- Dinner at home

Cook a meal together and dress up for the occasion. Decorate with candles and flowers and enjoy an affectionate conversation reminiscing about when you first met.

3- Watch a romantic film together

The list of recommended romantic films is extensive, from great classics like Gone with the Wind to modern day romantics such as The Notebook. Cuddle on the sofa and enjoy a film with snacks for a cozy evening.

4- Play a game together

Whether a board game or a video game, you can have a fun-filled active night challenging each other and sharing some laughs.

5- Write your life long bucket list together

Instead of going back to memory lane, you can write down a bucket list of things you want to do together and plan to create some new memories.

Adding to this be yourself, show gratitude, confess & praise the things you admire each others, chatting cherrishing about the best moments, like meeting first time how he made you fall in love with him reviving all the best times you spent together….showing & sharing lots of love ❤

Hope you all love birds have fun time 🙂



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