Pre Weekend Pampering!


Hi beauties,

As its being so cold these days in Kuwait which I am just loving and enjoying every bit as its very rare here…so lots of going out in the sun and feeling the chilly breeze with it…but today I was home thought to give myself a some pre-weekend pampering.

Just to make it more relaxing you can play soft music and lit some scented candles to give a spa like feeling….perfect to unwind and recharge. I use many store bought scrubs and masks when I am on the go but sometimes its so de-stressing to make your own and enjoy the natural goodness of nature plus enjoying the aromas…as I had a lots of free time on hand….so I gathered up some stuff from my kitchen and made myself a homemade mask and toner.


So what did I make.. I made a rice mask and  a green tea chamomile toner. Now what will you need to make this,

Rice mask:

Brown or White Rice flour ( has amazing skin healing benefits the less processed the better)


Boiling water

few drops of oil ( almond or argan oil according to your preference)

small bowl and spoon to mix

Measure 1 Tablespoon of rice flour in a bowl and add some boiling water to it, add just this much that it changes to a thick to runny paste just like a rice pudding…. but be careful as it will be hot! Let it sit for a while till it luke warm add some drops of oil & honey to make it more moisturizing as its winter. Now its ready!

As it dries very quick so I wet it with rose water and rub in circular massaging motions…after few seconds of scrubbing I wash it off with warm water… keep it for about 25 minutes…love how my skin becomes smooth and silky afterwards & also brightens up the complexion.

Green tea Chamomile toner:

This  toner ssso easy to make just measure 1 tsp  of Green tea and 1 tsp of Chamomile  tea in a cup and boiling water and cover it till it cools. Now just sieve the leaves and put the liquid in a spray bottle and voila! Ready to use….you can use this up to a week just store it in cool place …Spray it direct onto your face, also on cotton pads and canplace them on your eyes too…so relaxing.

Benefits of this toner is that it cleanses, detoxes, neutralizes skin,reduces the appearance of pores, calming and gives skin a youthful glow.

Hope you all find helpful this post…let me know if you have tried any of these!



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