Review : Bourjois Mega liner Ultra black


Hi beauties,

Tried the blackest, mattest eyeliner I have eva ever used its the Bourjois Mega liner Ultra black..its so black you can notice on first swatching.It comes with an angled felt tip which is just like a calligraphy marker..more about it you can check HERE

It claims you can wear it for 24 hours , I didn’t try it for such long hrs. but noticed after applying that its very long-lasting and no-smudgable…as the black pigment in it applied dries in secs like ink. Stayed as I applied….. after 6 hours too.

With its angled felt-tip applicator it can be applied in an thin or extra thick line or  just a medium type, as the slanted tip makes it very easy to apply.

Did a cat liner with it, I did dotted points than joined them and evened it out …I loved how black it is!


Available at Boots, Sephora Vavavoom & Wojooh for 6. 500 Kd


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