Review : Boots Foaming Cleanser & Boots Cleasing Water


Hi beauties,

Had been using some Boots products from some months, I think now is the perfect time to give my opinion on it…so before I start I may tell you I had been using the Boots Foaming Cleanser & Boots Cleansing Water..this is not my first time I had been using any Boots Lift & Luminate day & night serums for a while too which I loved as they were very light on skin, non-cosmedogenic and hydrating.

Boots Foaming Cleanser

The foaming cleanser comes in a cool light green pump plastic bottle very travel friendly also….comes out in nice foam ver latering and suitable for my kind of mix skin…. best thing not drying and I used it after cleaning my makeup just takes all the residue of makeup away.Has a mild fresh scent…I think I will get more for myself as it has that all that a good cleanser needs!

Boots Cleansing Water

This comes in a transparent see through bottle, has a rotatable press pump which can be locked…again very travel friendly…I am loving this cleansing water as its  gentle & takes off makeup in few swipes.No oily residue  is left after taking off plus can be used on eyes too doesn’t sting.I don’t wear a waterproof  mascara, so don’t know about that but the regular one just comes off easily with this. After wiping off my makeup I feel my skin hydrated, clean & fresh.

I posted some skincare range on my Instagram too, have a look below


I would definitely will be trying more from the skincare range as its so good quality and not much expensive. If you are looking to try a gentle skincare hygiene than I will say must try these!



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