Product Review : MaxfactorX Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara


Hi beauties,

Yet another favorite mascara to share the new MaxfactorX Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara, keeping it simple it gives like full volume massive dark lashes.A two ended mascara which has two types of brush and mascara formula, No.1 EXTREME VOLUME gives full lashes and No.2 DARK LACQUER gives them length & darkness.

the No.1 side brush resembles very much to the Maybelline Rocket (blue) mascara brush which paints all the lashes and helps to keep all the lashes clump free… full volume look. The No.2 side brush is like the classic mascara brush which I noticed had very dark shiny formula that’s why its called dark lacquer on applying gives the elongated dark spider leg lash effect I. I am very happy with this as I don’t have very long lashes many times pair mascaras.. yes 🙂 I do this too….. this makes them thick & elongated. Now I got one mascara which gives full and long lashes ❤ … check out my lashes in the picture below to see how it looks on the lashes plus my smudged eyeliner smoky eye look 😉


Available at Center point,  Faces & Boots for 6.500 Kd.


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