Perfume Review : Royal Revolution Katy Perry


Hi Beauties,

So katy Perry fans Katy Perry again has come up with a new perfume Royal Revolution Katy Perry…. so whose excited to know how it smells???Ok Ok here I go its a little less sweeter than the last one Katy Perry oh so sheer perfume which I felt was more girly this one is more mature.

Comes in pretty diamond shaped Katy Perry signature perfume bottle in royal sapphire a gorgeous shade of blue with a black silvery cap.I also love the silvery details on the box…I totally adore its packaging, I have a thing with pretty looking things.

About the perfume Katty Pery says,

“In some ways wearing fragrance is like putting on an invisible suit of luxurious armor. I want Royal Revolution to inspire women to make their own rules and embrace the idea that beauty and inner confidence can come together to become your secret weapon.”

– Katy Perry

Killer Queen’s Royal Revolution by Katy Perry

A fragrance that is as beautiful as it is bold, as royal as it is rebellious.

This Killer Queen is destined to lead a Royal Revolution.

The Scent of Victory!



And I think the bottle depicts what she says.It has the notes of pink freesia, pomegranate,  orange blossom, sandalwood, jasmine, leather, skin musk, blackthorn,and vanilla orchid.

On the first whiff you will get the attention of pomegranate , a sweet, fruity floral & juicy type of perfume …settles to a  deep musky creamy scent. Its very summery I say for me still wont mind wearing it all around the year as it last for around 4 to 5 hours. So if you loved the prior ones than try this have a whiff, will be available from September on the counters.


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