Product Review : Lush Trichomania & Lush Aqua Mirabilis


Hi beauties,

This weekend I was indulging in these Lush goodies love how they make natural hair and body stuff….and I must say they are real good. Let me first introduce you to these two buddies Lush Trichomania  &  Aqua Mirabilis.


Lush Trichomania : Starting with this  which sounds something chocolaty but actually is a hair shampoo made up of coconut cream…It says,

She’s a maniac, maniac on the floor and she washes like she’s never washed before.

A rich creamy coconut solid shampoo to nourish and soften dry or curly hair types. This is the perfect post-summer shampoo – the coconut cream will not only leave your hair feeling fantastic but smelling, too! ….This is my first ever solid bar hair shampoo and I love love it its super lathering & foamy.. cleans up the hair shinny clear & smells also yum I love coconuts so its a treat. After drying my hair I felt them soft and very shiny bit frizzy too as it cleans up any residue on the hair……. I didn’t follow up with a conditioner may be…but I am loving the shine ❤


 Lush Aqua Mirabilis : Its a scrub bar thing…if ever you have tried a lotion or butter bar than you must have got the idea of this its kind of same but with scrubbing beads. What it says ;

An underwater miracle for your skin

Scrubs away dead skin and leaves you soft and silky smooth – this is perfect pre or post tanning as the cocoa butter and almond butter make sure your skin is fed and moisturized while tiny granules of ground almond shells are buffing away any dead skin. Aqua Mirabilis is your secret weapon for the smoothest shoulders.

I used this on dry and wet dampy skin both and just fall for this….May not the crushed almond shells draw you away its a very gentle exfoliator , moisturizes and leaves the skin so smoothie soft. Smells so nutty mmm… winters are going to be yum with this! Why I said winter there is 1 more reason as here its summer and it just melts like crazy on the skin as you rub, obviously as its made of butters …so it explains and also watchout the slippery floor or bathtub if you are using in there . So everyone who has dry skin its an ideal scrub.

Both are available at Lush Outlet at 360 Mall.


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