Save a Manicure for days !


nail collage


Hi beauties,

Though I like changing my nail color every  two days but this peachy glam was sooo gorgeous wanted to save my beautiful manicure.I took this  for five days like the whole weekdays…as I was so in love with the color and didn’t wanted to change it. So when I got a bit bored with the single color look below what I did ;

1 . With a thin art brush I added  a gold reverse French manicure which gave it a elegant yet glitzy look.

2. After enjoying it for two days I added some daisies to my nail bed to make it more pretty which I did with a bobby pin 😉 With a white nail polish draw some petals, just dot and join in the middle, it will take a shape of petals. Than with a yellow nail polish add the middle dot.I added the glitter polish too the petals.Don’t forget to add a top coat to save it.

Tip ; This can also be done when the nail polish at the tips starts chipping , add the daisies at the tip where the nailpolish has chipped off 😉


Like this my manicure went for 5 days and was looking fresh & pretty 😉


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