Product Review : Boots No7 Stay Precise Felt Tip Eyeliner


Hi Beauties,

Eyeliners are my favorite part of makeup as they give the eye the dimensional look with it you can make your eyes look long almond shaped ,  round anime type and doing graphic liners is amazing can play with it too get the happening looks you want.

Tried the Boots No7 Stay Precise Felt Tip Eyeliner which I think is the best for beginners as its easy to do the dotted trick ….yes just dot along your eyelash and join you will get a nice accurate cateye eyeliner. The tip is nice stiff I used the side of the eyeliner on the inner side of my eye and was happy came nice thin as I like.Doing the outer part was a bit tricky as it goes thicker with this but I liked how it looked.

Its nice & black and liked that if you do a mistake while drawing it can be wiped off very easily…so no worries.i think felt tip eyeliners are great easy to use and travel friendly. Its easily available at the boots pharmacy.


Did a look using the eyeliner and also used the No7 mosaic bronzer which looks so natural and matte…love it. On my lips I used the No7 high shine lip crayon in Tickle which is sheer glossy with very very tiny gold glitter flicks which gives it a nice sheen. ..will review it soon 😉



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