DIY Colorful Eyeliner


Hi beauties,

I love eyeliners so love to play with them specially colored ones, if you are following me on instagram you must have seen me wearing pink liner will post it here too. Did more colorful eyeliner looks using the Sephora Rock’in Brazil eyeliners which are neon color liners, love love them. But no worries you can also make your own….I did a diy eyeliner which is sooo easy.

What you will need is

1. Light blue eyeshadow (you can use any color or any brand you like)

2. Dark blue eyeshadow (you can use any color or any brand you like)

3. Gel eyeliner brush or any eyeliner brush also an art thin brush works 😉

4. Some drops of water or eyedrops (I used both got same results)

5. Something to mix plate or card anything.


Scrap some eyeshadow on a surface & add a drops of water according to the eyeshadow you are using…the consistency must be not too runny and not to pasty…the liner you made must be easy to use with the brush.I used two colors you can use one too.I did 3/4 light blue than the dark blue.Looked so pretty and didn’t move for hours, I lined it with black liner too to make the color pop more, you can checkout the colorful eyeliner looks below.




Do it yourself and let me know ..enjoy



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