DIY : Faux Pefume Flower Vase & Gel Balls Refreshener


Hi Beauties,

In  Eid holidays did some redecorating and gave a face lift to my side table with this Faux Perfume vase & gel balls refresher which I made it myself…so this is a DIY ( do it yourself)

Its sooo easy to make, can be done in just couple of minutes….all you will need,

< Glass jars

< Printed Perfume logo

< Water Gel beads ( color or transparent)

< Water color ( purple) optional to give color to the water

< Flowers

I bought this square glass jar & water gel beads long ago from Ramez shopping center. The other is an empty glass of Zara candle which I just cleaned it.Downloaded  the Chanel perfume logo from internet which I will link below.I got it print on a sticker sheet you can use paper too and stick it with any adhesive. Print the logo to your desired size, depends on the size of the jar you are using.



Square Glass :

I stuck the sticker and filled just less than half with water. Dipped a brush in purple water color and ran it through the water in the jar.The  color also depends on you how much you like! arranged some flowers you can use fresh also if you have I used the artificial ones.

Candle Glass :

Already filled the gel beads with water and they were ready to use .I got mine in purple color, you can have them in any color you want or you can use transparent too.I poured the gel balls in the candle glass, stuck the sticker and also put an oil based fragrance so that beside not it looks only good but it also acts as a gel freshener. I used the  bath & body wall flower in dark kiss a few drops were enough….you can use any of your fav oil fragrances. You can wash it over after some days and change the fragrance again  & voila its done

You can use it on your vanity , coffee table or anywhere you like looks really pretty…make it and enjoy….don’t forget to tag me. if you are on instagram tag me @ q8mangopeople…would love to see your creations too ❤



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