Perfume Review : Lolita Lempicka’s Elle L’aime



Hi beauties,

I know after Eid this is my first post had been so busy with family & friends… lots of fun n giggles yummy food hanging arounds  ….got so got tiered 😉 After recede in which I was assorting all up I am again back with a exciting perfume review yes  Lolita Lempicka’s Elle L’aime: the essence of true love  and you don’t know how much compliments got wearing this….can say it my favorite these days.

Its beautiful just beautiful very feminine fresh , elegantly floral & a bit lightly fruity.When applied its nice fresh than settles to  warm creamy scent . It says it has notes of Coconut flower also natural extracts including  lime, jasmine, and myrrh; I don’t know how the coconut flowers smell like and how the extracts work & how it plays with my senses to fall in love with it, this perfume is amazing can perk your day which lasts for long as its very very long lasting ….will recommend everyone to try… this is worth a sniff which will make a mark.

The perfume came with a cute tote & this beautiful elegant ring….totally adoring it ❤



Available for Elle L’aime EDP is available for 24 KWD for 40ml and 33.50 KWD for 80ml.





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