Review : LUSH African Paradise Body Conditioner


Hi Beauties,

As summer and Ramadan are going side by side so it can result dehydrated & stretchy skin!!!….try to take lots of fluids between suhoor and iftar I try my best to drink lots of water rather than juices even fruits help.But still moisturizing tropically is a must to keep your skin looking good. Honestly I am very lazy sometimes in moisturizing so was very excited to try this LUSH  African paradise Body Conditioner which you have to use like a rinse of hair conditioner but on body in bath.


I have been using two weeks and very impressed its so moisturizing my body just feels the love. The conditioner is thick two to three  goops will be enough for the whole body. Its totally natural made from almond & moringa oils plus shea butter, mango juice to brighten the skin and aloe vera for soothing.Has a light scent which is very nice & soothing too, it lightly linger on to the skin after the bath and disappears.


The blend is amazing just rub on and wash off, instantly you will feel the supple effect in your skin very moisturized and soft…my skin is literally glowing since I started using it. If you are looking for a good natural body conditioner than you must try this.


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