Review : Benefit they’re Real Push Up Liner #MyBenefit​Liner


Hi Beauties,

Last week got to meet the Benefit representative for Middle East here in Kuwait and he was so generous to hand me over the Benefit they’re Real Pushup Liner to try and give my review on it which will be releasing allover on 1rst July 2014. You can read more about it here

Since I got it I was trying it and honestly without raving …..I am loving it! Yes yes it was a bit tricky at first but come on eyeliners are always tricky at first till you master it.

Ok first before I start with the shape I may tell you its a gel liner in a pen. The pen shape  is very easy to handle , trust me way easier handling the traditional gel liner brush ;)….the specialty about the accu flex tip is its soft & gliding reaches perfectly to the base of lashes which really makes eyes look bigger and lashes look thicker. Its sooo black and budge proof wore it whole day and it was like I applied just now no flaking or fading… for our hot humid Kuwait weather.

At start the gel formula inside was bit hard to apply that is obvious the starting product it dry and clumpy, but on the second use I felt it much more easier and not dry at all. You have to be very fast with application as it sets real fast and going over & over settled gel will make it clumpy.Its so black and matte, I am loving the penshape and the accuflex tip makes easy to make the cat eyeliner …..I applied couple of times and everytime its takes less time & its perfect. Once it is set nothing moves it and you have to remove with a makeup remover.

You can see here how it looks on the eyes ❤ which took me like a minute.



Totally worth trying liner very easy application and the results are just awwwsome. Will available from 1rst July at Sephora ,Faces & Vavavoom.




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