Review : Lush Zest Hair Gelly


Today had to go for a family gathering and summer hair full frizzy :/ was having hard time taming them so tried this buddy Lush Zest Hair Gelly about which you can read here more


 I am not a fan or hair gels as they stiffen up hair or give them plastered look but boy this is good gave nice wet look to hair without making them flat or noodliee instead it gave a nice texture to hair as I was going for a low doughnut bun so wanted to look neat but didn’t wanted to look very preppy too.

What I did just made a pony tail, rubbed this gelly in my hands and just applied over my hair and pony….wrapped around the doughnut , pinned and viola…..this tamed all the flyways and gave a nice fresh wet hair look …must have this summer & it smells also citrusy. I liked it as it hold my hair for hours in this humid hot weather without looking greasy and will recommend to try as it has neroli oils plus is totally Natural ….no filthy synthetic chemical stuff.

Its available at Lush Avenues Mall.


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