DIY Retinol Mask At Home!!!


Pic via google

Yes Retinol mask which is really expensive treatment and all we will need….Carrots the old bugs bunny and our favorite….fully packed with beta carotene (Vit A) which is also known as ‘Retinol’ is the secret to homemade Retinol mask…..natural & healthy.

Now what does Retinol  and what does it do to your skin, it even outs your skin tone, deep wrinkle especially the crow feet wrinkles and also reducing the sun damage …. that’s why many tanning product have carrot oil in it to save your skin from UV rays.

Now this carrots mask will give you a exfoliate to give you smooth, even toned plumped skin with minimal looking pores…a bliss for this middle eastern hot weather. So what we waiting for gather up the stuff show some love to your skin.

What you will need:

1 or 2 carrots( according to amount you are making)


a Pan to boil

1 TB Yogurt

1 TB Oats

1 tp Honey ( optional )


Boil the carrots till tender and mashable, use a fork or food blender to make it in a puree. Mix oats & yogurt to the puree and mix.

If you have dry kin and want some hydration add a teaspoon of honey. Apply it on your face for twenty minutes and wash with off tap water…..a fresh plumpy bright looking face 🙂

You can do this every week or more than once a week you will start noticing the change in your skin.


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