Perfume Review : Roberto Cavalli Nero Assuluto Perfume



Ahh my addiction after makeup is perfumes love to try a new one and when the perfume is a designers perfume the creation must be adored…so reaching for this beauty today Roberto Cavali Nero Assuluto,  which is a sensual blend of elegance & boldness…ahh smells orchids, a fragile but striking flower which blends with sweet and spicy heart notes of black vanilla & ebony wood….Very glamorously feminine, a delicate balance of sophistication and primal sensuality.
This also reminds me of  Arabic perfume oils as it has a hint of Oud to it so this makes it a bit arabikish perfume….don’t mind my arabikish as I love making up words ;)….A perfect perfume with the Mediterranean feel ,  a very sensual perfume which cannot go unnoticed<3 .A perfume with bold yet very soft feminine notes which will linger on for long….. a most unique fragrance very seductive fall in love every time I wear it.
Availability ; Debenhams, Vavavoom & Beidoun.



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