Hair Inspiration : Balayage Highlights


Balayage and ombre? How is the technique different? Courtney Joy: Balayage is a French technique, which literally means “sweeping,” meaning hair painting, all in the same sense. With the balayage, you’re able to customize your hair color by painting exactly where you want it, whether it be a little skinnier at the root to a bit chunkier at the ends to create more texture and movement throughout the hair.


With balayage, you can get a ton of gorgeous looks, whether it be an ombre or a traditional highlight, there’s a lot that comes along with ombre and balayage. They go hand in hand because balayage is the technique, and ombre is the look. What’s really on trend right now is blended ombre. Something a little softer, not something as bold.
Pics & article via beauty high
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