Weekend Nails & New Raybans


Was so excited and waiting for weekend as I bought these Essence nailpolishes from Carefour this week while doing some grocery ….as  I saw them on shelf couldnt resist to bring them along as they were shouting summmer 😉
I picked the yellow & a coolmint green which on coming home I noticed that the mint one was specially for toenails (show your feet) as it has antibacterial properties….but I will not mind wearing on my hands too :p as I just love the pastel cool minty color.
  Now the new Ray bans ahhh they are the glasses which I was looking for got from the new summer collection….mirrored blue ones just perfect for summer love love it ♥ bought this from Solaris at Avenues Mall.
  So I am ready for weekend, cant wait to plunge in warm salty sea water & dig my feet in the golden sand…..happy weekend everyone ♥

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