Summer Pinks


Hi beauties,
This time decided to explore the local market and roaming around the colorful aromatic markets found these cute neon ‘burqa’ earrings…love at first sight situation ♡ already I am a big fan of the Arabic oil perfumes, the aroma is so captivating love it…..even love exploring the local Mubarkiya markets filled with the essence of middle eastern culture, the smell of fresh dried spice is so alluring… I love going around these markets, exploring the traditional vague culture which is so apparent there. Those who are living in UAE must be familiar with this….Some information about ‘ Burqa’ its mostly a golden mask old emarati women used to wear still some wear till now, covering eyebrows and upper lip used in the United Arab Emirates and nearby countries  more you can read more about it Here
Personally I love traditional unique & antique jewellery which specially depicts some culture. I use to have lots of chunky pieces resembling from the Mughal era…so this was to be mine plus its so trendy and funky perfect to add some color to an outfit 😉
The other pink for my summer is the bath & body sweetpea body mist and body lotion…smells so delish…light and floral just bring the spring in summer…..hope you have enjoyed my Summer pinks ♡♡♡


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