Kuwait :Isadora Debenhams Event


Last week I was invited to attend an event at Debenhams, Avenues Mall which was organized by Habchi & Chalchoub PR for Isadora Makeup. Its a popular Swedish makeup brand which is clinically tested makeup, best for sensitive skin people. There they had invited Makeup Artist Mr. Stephan Ulvund Oein all the way from Sweden to give makeup lessons & some makeovers. The event was such a fun with pretty faces and Mr. Stephan was so talented loved all the makeovers he did that evening. You can have the glimpse of the evening from the pictures below.



MA Stephan with Isadora Debenhams crew.


Habchi & Chalchoub PR


Mr. Stephan & Tina from q80highstreet blog(makeup by Mr. Stephan)


Swedish MA Stephan & pretty Isadora Model



Shots from the makeover


Makeveover before  & after


After the makeover session we got a chance to chit chat with MA Stephan and he was very sweet to share some makeup tips & tricks plus recommended us some best sellers from the Isadora range specially for middle eastern skintone.


Bestsellers: Isadora 15hrs. Active moist makeup ( full day foundation), Wakeup makeup in olive beige , Isadora Volume & Curl Marcara

Makeup tips by MA Stephan :

1. Mix some oil & shimmering brown eyeshadow and apply with a eyebrow spooly over the eyebrows to give them a shiny full healthy look…interesting right.

2. If you are going with some cool toned eyeshadows over the eye than use some warm lipstick on the lips to balance the look.

3. To match the eye makeup with the cheeks use some blush on the upper corners of the eye.

4.Brush over a shinny black liner on the eyelashes to give the eyelashes a shinny healthy look.

5.Blend the contour & blush so there are no harsh lines and add some gold highlighter over it for some drama 😉

For more makeup clips from the event you can check my Instagram (q8mangopeople) account HERE

So this was all from the event and they shared some goodies with us too which I will be reviewing soon…do try their makeup I have use couple of things and really impressed…worth trying ❤


You can find Isadora makeup at Debenhams, Faces & Centrepoint.


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