DIY Microdermabrasion from your Kitchen Cabinet!




This a very fun DIY scrub whose ingredients you can find in your kitchen cabinet 😉 You can try this over this weedend and you will find your skin incredibly soft like you had professional microdermabrasion session.Cleans the dead skin , brightens, tightens pores,moisturizes and gives the summery glow.

Measure all these things and mix. You can vary the amount also if you are using for whole body as this is only for face. Mix all these to make a pasty, you can use tour fingers or brush to apply. Now start gently rubbing it over your face in circular motions for few seconds & than let it sit over to dry…. it takes like 10 minutes.When it’s dry just wash it off with luke warm water, again massaging softly like a scrub and viola a bright, soft & clean face! You can do this once or twice a week….  enjoy lovelies.


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