My Everyday Makeup!


As summer is slowly slipping in so don’t want my skin to look heavy and layered so much in daytime specially… switching to the light moisturizers and makeup where BB cream comes first as my skin is quite behaving no redness or patchiness .On days like that when I feel I need a bit cover up just add a bit foundation to my bb cream or if need to cover the redness just use a bit cc cream which has a nice yellow color to it and gives excellent cover up to the redness.

On my face I am using the Maybelline dream Fresh BB cream , this in shade light. I got this as its has SPF 30 plus moisturizes and gives decent coverage. I set it with Maybelline Clear Smooth All in one shine free Cake powder which works so good with the bbcream it covers & sets I carry this also with me so that if I need touch up but mostly don’t need much .Rather than using the sponge in it I prefer to dab it with The Body Shop Buffing brush…I love this brush its so soft, smooth’s out everything without looking cakey totally recommend to get one. So keeping everything simple these are the stuff I use everday just changing the lip products, a touch of bronzer and adding a mascara to this but for skin I mostly use these now and I am good to go.

   What do you use for everyday makeup?

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