OPI Nail Polishes Haul


 Before I switch to my summer collection, I wanted to share my favorites which I had loved wearing pass few weeks. I love all these colors by Opi, they are smooth not much streaky, the color is very true and last for quite a while. I change my polish every other day, cant bear one color for long  😉 so didn’t test exactly how many days it takes to chips off. All of these babes give shiny & glossy finished look….love them

The color which have been my favorite are Opi Honk if you love opi, Opi a grape fit,Opi birthday babe ,Opi French quarter for your thoughts and Opi get in the expresso lane….all just look so pretty on the hands ❤

You can follow me on instagram @q8mangopeople to see which color I am rocking this weekend 😛 ….a few NOTD’s from my instagram


Price # Opi polishes 3Kd , available at Faces.

Which is your favorite Opi polish?


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