Perfume Review : Beyonce Rise, The New Ascent of Woman


 My passion for perfumes got me to sniff this beauty Beyoncé Rise perfume  which is just a true sensual scent, mix of warm woody floral notes…..very alluring. I think she did it again its  really a new ascent of woman, for the perfume notes you can read about it HERE

The minute I just took my first whiff of it I totally fell for it besides being a fresh and floral perfumes lover…I already went fond of the clean edgy bottle with the gold spiky cap but the perfume is much more to talk about. Its has true strong scent which will just envelop around you nicely deeply …  an aroma of musk, floral, bit spicy and wood . This is more Lady like scent, the name does justice to it makes you rise somewhere internally giving you a strong personality…..just ready to make a statement. Came with a bracelet which is also a statement piece to always remind me to rise like a sunshine and brighten up everything :)..for me its like sunshine in a bottle<3

Price : AED 265



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