H&M Makeup Haul


Hi beauties,

Last month I bought these H&M makeup goodies which I just literarily forgot ….ya this happens with me so going through my stuff in last few days I just discovered that these babies back…I am using these everyday since I rediscovered them 😉 soooooo in love with these, I had seen their makeup before but never tried so this time I wanted to try it and really liking it.

Bought two palettes which are Pink Nude & Soft Nude. They are nice, having natural shades which are just soooo easily blendable can just be applied  with fingers too…which I sometimes do when I am not in a preppy mood, I just dig my fingers in the natural eyeshades and just apply & blend…. sometimes one natural shade is enough to wakeup looking eyes.

Talking about the blush which is in Sugar coral which is a peachy pink shade matte and velvetty, its so pretty just gives a  natural blushing look to the cheeks but beware its very pigmented to  just use it lightly otherwise you will look slapped ;)….a little on the brush and sweep on your cheeks equals a healthy flushed cheeks. This now my everyday blush I love it.

The H&M highlighter illuminator is also a must have it reminds me of benefit high beam highlighter ….just amazing can be used to highlight in the day too or reserve it for the evenings I totally love it.

I bought the lip tint in Raspberry Red which is my must everyday lip color as I prefer liptints they just give the perfect color to the lips in the daytime so wanted to try this and loving it….but as my lips go dry very fast I top it with a gloss or a lipbalm under it and its perfect for raspberry lolly licked looking lips…… craving raspberry lolly or the KDD rocket :P….those who know these must have understood …. Again this is also very pigmented a small drop will be enough to cover the full lips…its a multipurpose kind of tint can be used on cheeks too, gives a natural color to the cheeks. The staying power is also good last for hours.

Love all what I picked and  swatched the blush , liptint  and highlighter so that you can see the color.


They are easily available at H&M outlets,I bought mine from the Avenues Mall with the price tag of

H&M lip tint Raspberry Red : 2.500 KD

H&M Sugar Coral : 2.500 KD

H&M Highlighter : 2.500 KD

H&M Pink Nudes Palette : 2.500 KD

H&M Soft Nudes Palette : 2.500 KD

Have you tried the H&M makeup, which one is your favourite?


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