Product Review : L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil Souffle D’Or Shampoo & Conditioner


  Shinny hair is always been a must staple for me after the perfect glowy skin…..nothing looks more gorgeous than a sparkly shinny hair.Got this L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil Souffle D’Or Shampoo and Conditioner to try whether it does what is claims!

A sparkling solution for healthy hair is now possible with Mythic Oil Souffle D’Or

Extending and enhancing the Mythic Oil experience, L’Oréal Professionnel now presents the sparkling new Mythic Oil Souffle D’Or range which will add a dazzling shine coupled with a lightweight finish to your beautiful hair.

 Offering a charming sensorial experience, the premium range consists of a sparkling shampoo and conditioner set that shimmers with the combination of the precious oils of Argan and Safflower. A traditional beauty secret of Moroccan women, Argan oil contains vitamins and fatty acids that are easily absorbed by the hair and provide it with the nutrition it requires. Combined with Safflower oil’s regenerative and protective ingredients, Vitamin E and Omega 6, the results are healthy, glowing and shiny hair.

As aesthetic on the outside as it is efficient, the luminous range has been inspired by oriental opulence with the golden tinted bottles featuring striking Arabesque and voluptuous designs. Radiating a sophisticated and sensual fragrance of summer blossoms, the paraben free formula sets an incredible glowing shine with an airy clean touch to women’s’ hair.

Channeling the goodness and pureness of ingredients used by our ancestors in the past, L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil Souffle D’Or range proves that attaining beautiful and healthy hair is not a myth anymore!

Ok this is my first L’Oreal Shampoo and conditioner as I read that it contains Argan oil so I was very excited to try this heard many good things about it too and very happy with the results.

The consistency of the shampoo and conditioner is so pretty they have tiny shinny sparkly bits in it which I thought was on the bottle….I have never used a clear transparent kind of conditioner so my experience was amazing with this and have very positive thoughts on this, not only me I have taken other girls opinions too on this range and got very good things too hear.I love love the fresh smell of it …… since using it I have noticed that my frizzy dry hair are now very manageable and the shine is amazing.Using it from two weeks and really feel my hair more healthy than before.The shampoo is very lathering and the conditioner is a nice light made my hair nice bouncy without weighing them down or making them look oily,  looking at them now really feels they are enjoying the natural nutrition in it 😉

I don’t know whether its sold in hyper markets in Kuwait yet but few beauty Salons are carrying their range…just look for it and I will too look around where it is sold here… do try you will see good results.


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