Product Review : Neutrogena deep clean Makeup removing Wipes


Ahh I don’t know how I could explain that how difficult its to take off my makeup before going too bed when my legs are aching killing  and  feet so soar wearing the high heels. The moment I come home I just  want to jump into the bed not bothering of to take the makeup off which I just layered & layered on my skin …. taking  hours to blend and set it to make it budge proof for the evening but believe me I know if I would have not taken that off I will not look pretty the next day with all the redness and clogged pores which may lead to swollen breakouts eeewwww….. a nightmare. Got a cool thing when I am not in a mood to look for cotton and makeup remover ….this has just made much shorter my time to take off all the precious makeup I packed onto my skin  Neutrogena deep clean Makeup removing wipes… takes off all the makeup just in few swipes.

The wipes are very gentle, have a light fragrance and enough wet which makes easy to take off the makeup , even the toughest go off easily . For the waterproof mascaras, toughest lipsticks and foundations their is trick just gently keep the wipe over the eye or lip for few seconds and than glide, it will come off easily plus it doesn’t sting eyes….I prefer wiping my face before washing  as this makes my skin really really clean….totally makeup free.

As they are soaked in cleansing lotion rather than oil so no oily residue just clean & hydrated skin with some lotion thing left on skin which I didn’t mind because sometimes I wentt go to bed after wiping off with it and the other morning I had felt my skin soft and moisturized…..I think its a good makeup removing wipes. I like wipes as they are so handy for makeup mistakes and so carry friendly so you can touch up on the go, sometimes to do a fresh one….or just take off all the makeup after the party ends,  in the car before landing home 😉

Its easily available at Co.operative societies & Carefour .

What wipes do you use to take off your makeup ? Have you tried the Neutrogena makeup removing Wipes?


2 thoughts on “Product Review : Neutrogena deep clean Makeup removing Wipes

  1. I use these wipes before I wash my face. This one is actually my favorite. It works well for me and it does not irritate my face which is important. It’s definitely very gentle, especially when taking off eye make-up.

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