Product Review : Neutrogena Hand Cream


Hi beauties,

I have a habit of washing my hands so so many times I don’t know as its healthy washing my hands soo much but I always want my hands to be clean and germ free….so that makes my hands a bit dry & stretchy all the time so I always invest in a good moisturizing hand cream but I want it to be non sticky, lightly fragranced and must be rich but not heavy…. I know too much expectations 🙂 I like experimenting exploring new products in the market  and  love trying new products … which sometimes are a hit and sometime miss … came across this Neutrogena hand cream and totally caught up with it. Till now I was using the Bioderma nourishing cream which you must have read HERE I still love it and its my night treatment for my dry strechy hands due to its deep nourishing properties.For spring will be carrying this with me for now 😉 love the squeezy tube, very good easy to carry.

The cream is transparent  same like Vaseline and I thought it must be sticky like it but  the cream is nice, light, having a fresh fragrance, non sticky plus very moisturizing and  fast absorbing… my hands just literally soaks it up leaving soft and supple skin without any greasy residue…I hate sticky ones as they collect more dirt on the hands.I  am very happy with this and wanted to share with you who have dry hands like me or want a good moisturizer for hands and looking for nice hand cream than this is it.

What is your favorite hand cream? Do share if you have tried this!


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