DIY : Rejuvenating Mask plus pimple soother & Teeth Whitener


Image : internet

Hi beauties,

Let me share with you an awesome mask for your face which will not only rejuvenate your tired looking skin but also if you are having any breakout or pimple it would sooth it down too.Not forgetting a blingy smile its an easy mask just go to your kitchen and get these stuff.

DIY Face Mask



Cinnamon powder

take equal parts or it and mix it than apply it on your face and relax for 30 mins.Wash it off with luke warm water or just take a sanitized hand towel and dip in warm water than place it on your face and take out the mask …you will see a nice glowy complexion after it.

DIY White teeth at home.


Fresh lemon juice

baking powder

Mix both in equal amount leave it to bubble and frizz.Now brush this mixture for 2 minutes on your teeth and rinse off…shiny white teeth you can do this once or twice  week.


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