Review : Best Moisturizers For Face & Body


Hi beauties,

Got some excellent moisturizers for you which I personally just loved…these are super hydrating and moisturizing, you are going to thank you me afterwards 🙂

Ok starting from the Institut Esthederm Eau Cellulaire gel honestly I was not sure how this going to be for me as I read gel on it and never tried any gel moisturizer this was the first I ever tried.I was very positive about it as its a french brand so knew it will be doing something good ;)….after trying it for 2 weeks I am very happy with it its light fresh gel moisturizer which completely absorbs and hydrates the skin leaving no trace of oil or shine on the face….just completely sinks into the skin giving noticeable vibrant glow on the face maybe due to the hydrating quality…..the exact thing my combination skin needed.Its light and has a nice fresh fragrance to it which I just I love….a total mood enhancer.

Now talking about the Bio oil which is quite popular dry oil mostly suggested for stretch marks as I am blessed with good genes I didn’t had any stretch marks but surely have a dry skin of my body…..weird right as my face is combination and body becomes bone dry  which needs serious  moisturizing, as applied it works good and get easily absorbed in the skin.As good sinking in property it doesn’t stain clothes…worked for me as a good moisturizer for my body as its a oil so didn’t take risk of applying on my face.So definitely this is very good moisturizer the trick to keep your skin looking hydrated is just apply it after the bath on damp skin it will help in lock the moisture leaving skin silky soft…..I revealed the secret 😉 I have also heard it helps lighten any marks or scar on the body will keep you updated. It has a mild scent ,as I read the ingredients it contains natural plant oils & extracts plus Vitamin A & E which are very beneficial for skin, so surely going to buy it again as I run out.

Bioderma Atoderm Nourishing cream again an excellent moisturizer if you have a dry skin than this is for you, its not scented, very rich & instantly absorbs giving soft skin which is a I prefer in a moisturizer.  I have this always in my purse as my hands get crazy dry after washing its just a best moisturizing cream now its going to be my must moisturizer. Again didn’t use it on face as its very rich and my face doesn’t need this much moisturizer but its best for dry skin .I love Bioderma specially the sensibio H2Ofor removing makeup…… the best makeup remover ❤ they have a huge range of products at boots.

Got the copy of the Habayibna magazine….its an arabic magazine, very well compiled with interesting social happenings, featuring famous personalities in K-town,suggesting best beauty buys, introducing to new fashion launches, overviewing luxury hotels from around the world and sharing mouthwatering recipes. Do check this magazine its a best source to keep yourself informed plus entertained 😉 you can follow them on instagram @ Habayibna_Magazine & on  twitterhabayibnaM

The Institut Esthederm Eau Cellulaire gel ,Bio Oil and Bioderma Atoderm Nourishing cream are easily available in Kuwait at AAW (Ali AbdulWahab) Pharmacies and boots.


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