DIY Hair Mask for Dry & Dull Hair


DIY Hair Mask for Dry, Dull Hair :
If your strands are in need of extra moisture, revive and rehydrate your hair with Asemanfar’s easy recipe you can easily mix in a blender:
•1/2 avocado
•1/4 cup mayonnaise
•1 tablespoon coconut oil
•1 tablespoon olive oil
•1 tablespoon honey
•2 teaspoon water

Begin by wetting your hair with warm water to open the hair follicle. Comb the mask through the hair to ensure even application. Once the mask is applied, sit under a hooded dryer with a processing cap or just use a hairdryer to warm up the mask for a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes to allow the hair to absorb the nutrients. Afterwards, rinse your hair with cool water to close the cuticle and lock in moisture. Finally, hydrate with conditioner and then do a final rinse…..Soft shiny  hair 😉


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